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EDT:Tutorial: RUI With DataBase Lesson 5

Access a database with EGL Rich UI

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Lesson 5: Create the service

Create a dedicated service to access the database.

In this lesson, you create an EGL Service type, which is a main type. You must place each main type in a separate source file, and the name of the type must be the same as the name of the file.

Create a Service type

To create a Service type:

  1. In the Project Explorer window, right-click PaymentService, and then click New > Service.
  2. In the New EGL Service window, enter the following information:
    1. In the EGL source file name field, enter name SQLService. EGL adds the .egl file extension automatically.
    2. In the Package field, enter the name services. Click Next.
    3. Verify that Create as web (EGL REST-RPC) service is unchecked, and leave the Interfaces to implement field empty.
      RUIAccessDB Lesson5 1.png
  3. Click Finish. EGL opens the new Service type in the editor.
  4. Remove the code from the file, leaving only the following lines, and save the file, but do not close it.
  package services;

service SQLService


Lesson checkpoint

You learned how to create an EGL Service type.

In the next lesson, you add code for the functions to SQLService.

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