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EDT:Tutorial: Access a database with EGL Rich UI

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Access a database with EGL Rich UI

In this tutorial, you create a Rich UI application so that the user can access rows in an SQL database.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you will complete these tasks:

  • Plan the application and design the interface.
  • Create a Derby database.
  • Write a data-access service that interacts with the database tables.
  • Create a web application that accesses the service, displays the retrieved data, and processes the user's updates.
  • Install and configure the Apache Tomcat web server.
  • Deploy the web application and service.

The tutorial can be used with both EDT Version 0.7.0 and Version 0.8.0.    At a few points, the language syntax is different in the two versions.   The tutorial text will make this clear when this is the case.    Screen captures will show only 0.7.0 versions of widget libraries.   If you are using Version 0.8.0, you will see similar names on your screen that are marked as version 0.8.0 instead of version 0.7.0.

Time required

About 3 hours


A variety of Resources are available.

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