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ECF Conference Call 7.31.2006


Scott Lewis, Pete Mackie, Remy Suen, Pierre-Henry Perret, Mary Ruddy, Roland Fru, Mustafa Isik, Chris Aniszczyk, Peter Nehrer

Meeting Agenda

Report from OSCON 2006

  • Scott attended OSCON 2006 and gave brief report of interactions with Google and others

Website phoenix changeover

  • Pete and Remy have the Phoenix template pages running here. We will use this server ( as a shared area for testing the work on transitioning the ECF content to the Phoenix look and feel. Scott will be working on the transition during the week of 7/31/2006 and Remy and others will be assisting with transition after that.

Google SOC project progress

  • Marcelo (Shared Code Plugin) has added functionality for his project and requests everyone to give it a try/provide feedback. Go to Shared Code Plugin for how to get, build, and run it.
  • Remy Suen's project (Bitorrent Provider) has working code for as java application and SWT application and also requests that people go to [[[ECF BitTorrent Provider]] for instructions for how to get, build, and run.

Any Subproject Issues

  • Scott and Roland have now engaged the Java Jingle team lead (Alvaro Saurin alvaro.saurin at and will be working with him to a) test the Java Jingle implementation against the ECF Asterisk server running at; b) implement the Call API using the Java Jingle implementation

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