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ECF Conference Call 1.20.2009


Scott Lewis, Ted Kubaska, Markus Kuppe, Jan Rellermeyer, Marcelo Mayworm, Thomas Kiesslich - Siemens, Viktor Ransmayr - Siemens


Work on RFC 119

ECF Build Changes

Discuss EclipseCon Plans

  • ECF Developers Meeting
  • Portland Visit?

Additions Targeted for ECF 3.0M5

  • User Search API bug 259531. PLEASE get patch from bug, review, and provide comments on bug WRT API in particular
  • Team API additions bug 257017
  • Future of incubation/org.eclipse.ecf.p2.discovery.* (it's currently broken in 3.0 due to discovery UI changes) bug 261670

Other Items

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE SUBMIT ALL CQs/IP REQUESTS FOR ECF 3.0/Galileo BY JANUARY 31. See note from mailing list.

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