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ECF API Refactoring

Prior to 1.0, ECF will be going through a concerted API and exemplary applications refactoring and restructuring effort.

Items In Progress

Add Bulletin Board API to ECF Plugins and Features (Major)

Add Bulletin Board API. Remove EE 1.5 dependencies.

See: Bug #150756

API Review

An overwhelming number of classes in ECF at the moment are not being marked as internal packages. Whilst this may be the actual intent of the plug-ins, many of these non-internal classes are completely undocumented but are generated along with the published javadocs on the ECF website.

For this review, ECF code needs to clearly mark provisional APIs as being provisional, interfaces that should not be implemented by clients should have that stated clearly in the class level documentation, classes needs to be moved to internal packages (such as Trace, classes extending Plugin or AbstractUIPlugin, any others that are found during this review etc.), everything that has been approved as being public API needs to be marked with @since 1.0 when ECF 1.0 is released, and many others.

See API Central for further information Eclipse conventions and best practices for API development.

Completed Items

Streamline ClientSOContainer

Streamline handling of creating/passing in connect data for new kind of authentication.

See: Bug #150398

Create filetransfer plugin, remove fileshare plugin

Remove org.eclipse.ecf.fileshare API packages and classes.

Create a new plugin: org.eclipse.ecf.filetransfer.

Status: Started by SBL

Split org.eclipse.ecf Core Plugin into 2 or 3 Plugins (Major)

Refactor org.eclipse.ecf plugin into 2 or 3 plugins. This is a large refactoring effort. See discussion thread on mailing list:

1) The 'core plugin' (id: org.eclipse.ecf: 130K) is now been split into three plugins:

a) org.eclipse.ecf.identity (31K) b) org.eclipse.ecf (49K) c) org.eclipse.ecf.sharedobject (66K)

Now, b depends upon a, and c depends upon b.

All of the other API plugins (presence [23K], datashare, fileshare, discovery [10K]) now depend on *b* (and a) but *not* c.

2) Many classes and packages have changed and moved to be more clearly and consistently structured.

3) Extension points have moved:

a) org.eclipse.ecf.identity.namespace b) org.eclipse.ecf.containerFactory, and org.eclipse.ecf.startup c) org.eclipse.ecf.sharedobject.sharedObjectFactory

The connectionFactory extension point has been removed.

4) The datashare API has been simplified/made smaller and the dependency in the API on the sharedobject api has been removed.

5) All example and test code has been updated with above refactorings.

6) Internal packages have been defined with consistent naming to hold the Activator classes and other internal packages/classes. There is more to do here, as I've focused so far only on identity and core plugins.

7) Created a more general Trace class (in org.eclipse.ecf.core.util in identity plugin) and moved over tracing in identity and core to new Trace. More to do here for non core plugins.

8) Fixed and added javadocs for identity and core plugins. See

'Low-end' Execution Environment Support

See: Bug #149024

Problem: Dependency on* classes. These classes are not available in Framework 1.1 (they are part of the JAAS classes that are optional for F1.1)

Removed ECF core and all provider references to classes;;;;

Explanation: Added new classes and changed existing references to above classes to classes in ECF package:;;;;

Assure JRE1.4 as EE for All Core Plug-ins

See: Bug #160805

This isn't necessarily correct as not all plug-ins should be J2SE-1.4 compliant (this is an awkward case since the issue is over a provider's library). Per the discussions on the dev-list, a provider should be allowed to be whatever EE it wants. I have renamed the header as "All Core Plug-ins" instead of "All Plugins". --Remy Suen
Reading it over, I guess my statement above makes the bug I filed invalid since if a provider plug-in can be whatever EE is necessary, then there is no need to change the Smack library's compiler compliance down to 1.4. I guess the point here is that plug-ins should be consistent in their MANIFEST.MF and compiler settings. Since the Smack library can run on J2SE-1.4 and does not use 5.0 features (generics, foreach, etc.), then the entire project's settings should be set to J2SE-1.4. If it were to need J2SE-1.5, then both the MANIFEST.MF EE and the compiler should be set as such. Inconsistent settings creates confusion for everyone. --Remy Suen

Add 'removeListener' methods

Add removeListener methods in IChatRoomContainer (and in IPresenceContainer). Also check other listener add and check for availability of remove methods.

See: Bug #160968

Introduce Convention for Container Adapters

Change all occurrences of I<whatever>Container that are intended to be used as adapters off of IContainer (via IContainer.getAdapter(I<whatever>Container) to have the following naming convention:

Was: I<whatever>Container Will be: I<whatever>ContainerAdapter

This way, it should be more obvious which interface in a given API plug-in is the container adapter that should be used for the call to IContainer.getAdapter(Class).

Move IInvitationListener

Move (in presence API) access to IInvitationListener to IChatRoomManager rather than IPresenceContainer.

See: Bug #160137

Deferred Items


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