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Eclipse Communication Framework Project

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OSGi Remote Services

What's New

ECF 3.14.40

New Videos! - See four parts for OSGi Remote Services with gRPC: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

etcd3 discovery provider

Extending the Jersey JaxRS Remote Services Provider

RCP Application Imports JaxRS Remote Services

Using Properties to Import Endpoint Descriptions

gRPC Distribution Provider

Release 1.14.0 of JaxRS Distribution Providers

OSGi Remote Service Admin User's Guide

OSGi Services between Python and Java

Gogo Commands for Remote Services Development

Bndtools Support for Remote Services Development

RSA Console Commands

Karaf Remote Management with Eclipse

Install and run TimeService Tutorial in Apache Karaf

Christoph Keimel presented a very cool Internet of Things game based upon ECF Remote Services at Eclipse Democamp. Check it's really cool!

Download and Install

Project Set file of active ECF projects

Download and Install into Eclipse

Apache Karaf Install of ECF RS SDK

Install and run TimeService Tutorial in Apache Karaf


Tutorial: Extending the JaxRS Remote Services Provider

Tutorial: JaxRS Remote Services on Karaf

Using the Bndtools Remote Services Project Templates

Tutorial: Python for OSGi Services

Tutorial: Using Google RPC/ProtocolBuffers for Remote Services

Tutorial: Creating Custom Distribution Providers

Tutorial: Exposing a Jax REST service as an OSGi Remote Service

Tutorial: Using REST and OSGi Standards for Micro Services

Tutorial: ECF Remote Services for Accessing Existing REST Services

Tutorial: Creating a RESTful Remote Service Provider

How to Cook an Egg with ECF (Wim Jongman presentation at EclipseCon 2014)

Tutorial: Building your first OSGi Remote Service

Tutorial: Raspberry Pi GPIO with OSGi Services

Tutorial: OSGi Remote Services for Raspberry Pi GPIO

ECF Remote Services for Raspberry Pi GPIO

Tutorial: Building your first Asynchronous OSGi Remote Service

Tutorial: OSGi Remote Services for the Raspberry Pi

Remote Service Distribution and Discovery Providers

Discovery Providers

Distribution Providers

Remote Service Admin

Getting Started with ECF's OSGi Remote Services Implementation

ECF Remote Services Architecture

OSGi Remote Service Admin (RSA) Management Agent

Other Cool Topics

ECF Filetransfer Docs

Asynchronous Proxies for Remote Services

OSGi Remote Services and Sync vs. Async Remote Procedure Call

Distributed EventAdmin Service

iPopo Compatible Providers

Technical Comparison of Discovery and Distribution Providers

ECF Blog

ECF Documentation Project

We know we have a problem with insufficient and disorganized documentation. We are working on it. We would appreciate any help that anyone is willing to provide, so if you would like to contribute to ECF by editing and/or creating documentation, please get a hold of us via the ecf-dev mailing list

Real-Time Shared Editing


Development (for contributors & committers)


Source Code

Source code on GitHub

Website Repository

Coding Conventions

ECF is using the Equinox Coding Conventions. Also on this page are links to java source code formatter to use in Eclipse to easily enforce these conventions.


ECF has nightly and continuous builds with automated integration testing. We use Jenkins and Tycho running on the ECF JIPP Instance.

Latest p2 snapshot repository is available here. Show Directory Contents, the site.p2 directory is the p2 repository, the zip contains the contents as zip.

Maven release repositories are available at maven central.

See ECF downloads for more information.

Eclipse Communication Framework
API DocumentationJavadocProviders
Development GuidelinesIntegrators Guide

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