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As in 2017, we'd like to organize a automotive technology related un-conference session on Monday, October 23 2017 as part of EclipseCon Europe 2017. We are looking for participants that want to either actively provide input or just listen in.

Topics that we would like to cover include but are not limited to reports from our Auto-related working groups (openMDM, openPASS, openMobility), related research projects (Appstacle, A4P) as well as related technology initiatives around spanning from ADAS (OpenADx), DeepLearning, System Engineering, Autosar, and so on. Please note that other topics are welcome as well.

If you are interested, please leave your name and proposal here! Note that time is limited: Prepare to present your topic in less than 15min and allow for discussion and networking!

Andreas Graf and Ralph Mueller


Robert Höttger: A4P & APPSTACLE - Approaching Automotive IoT- and Multicore Technologies via a Simple Rover Demonstrator

Dr. Klaus Birken, Torsten Mosis: EB solys and Franca Contracts – Validate the dynamic behavior of software interfaces

Jörg Tessmer: continuous development of embedded multi-core performance analysis platform APP4MC. Feature development, further cooperation and steps in taking performance analysis to the next level.

Marco Wagner & Jörg Tessmer: APPSTACLE an open source connected vehicle ecosystem. Getting Eclipse IoT into the automotive domain. Start of the new Eclipse (not finalized: Kuksa) project to satisfy automotive needs.

Charles Degutis & Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser: An introduction to OpenADx, xcelerate your AD development

Dr. Hans-Dirk Walter: openMDM - A platform and toolbox for integrated management of measurement data.

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