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e4 is generating a lot of interest in the Eclipse community. A lot of people are already helping to promote and evangelize the e4 platform. The intent of this page is to help e4 evangelists collaborate on their promotion of the e4 technology.

e4 Themes and Messages

Lots of people have heard about e4 but not a lot of people can explain what it is and who it is for. Therefore, we should attempt to develop a common set of messages and short description. The following is a proposal and open for comment.

Main Theme: e4 is the next generation platform for building Eclipse-based applications (RCP 2.0)

Supporting Message: Easier to Develop

  • Simplify APIs for accessing application services
  • Support declarative and visual definition of user interfaces
  • Support for web UI components in the Eclipse platform

Supporting Message: Easier to Assemble

  • Model-based workbench
  • Tools for application assembly
  • Skinnable UI
  • Eclipse as an OpenSocial Gadget container
  • Service-oriented programming model

Key Questions that need to be answered

  • How do people migrate to e4?
  • What is in e4 for a Java EE and Web developer that might not be building Eclipse-based applications?

e4 User Portal

We need to create a web page that targets new users to e4. The goal would be to make it easy for them to find information and resource to get started on e4. On this use page we could include things like:

  • Getting Started Tutorials
  • Examples and Demos
  • Migration Documents
  • Blog feed of e4 related posts
  • Download links
  • Support Forum links

The Eclipse Foundation will help build the web page but it will rely upon the Evangelists to help supply content.


This section will 1) act as a catalog of content that has been created, 2) allow individuals to indicate their interest in developing new content and 3) allow people to connect and collaborate on the creation of new content.


Developing for Eclipse 4 Tutorials

Eclipse 4 Tutorial by Lars Vogel

Using XWT


  • (Please add a link to existing content or content that you plan on creating).


  • Please add a link to existing content or content that you plan on creating.

Examples and Demos

Developing for e4 Tutorials

  • Please add a link to existing content or content that you plan on creating.

Developing for XWT Tutorials

  1. UI Trigger
  2. Data Trigger



Events and Speaking

Presentation Material

  • Please add any e4 presentation material you would like to share.
  • Presentation on e4 at EclipseRT Day, Toronto, December 2009 (Powerpoint slides) - Boris Bokowski
  • Presentation on current state of e4 to Eclipse Board of Directors, December 2009 (Powerpoint slides) - Boris Bokowski
  • e4 overview presentation at Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 (Powerpoint slides) - Tom Schindl, Boris Bokowski, Kai Tödter, Hallvard Traetteberg, Yves Yang
  • I have presented e4 a number of times with these slides. /Tonny Madsen


  1. Kai Toedter on "What's new in e4 CSS Styling?",
  2. Tom Schindl & Kai Toedter on "e4 - Anatomy of an e4-Application",
  3. Benoit Langlois (Thales) & Yves YANG (Soyatec) on "UI modeling in Action with PMF, e4 and EGF" deck and Demo,
  4. Yves YANG on "Develop an e4 Application More Simply than a Visual Basic Application ",
  5. Yves YANG on "Overview of XWT - Declarative UI for enterprise application"
  • Java One - Call for papers is out now; deadline is March 14. We should try to get some e4 presentations accepted. Add suggestions below:
  • EclipseCon Poster - encougage people to submit e4 posters for the EclipseCon poster reception
  • Java Forum Stuttgart - is anyone talking at this event?

  • Please add where you are speaking about e4 and the regions you are available to speak
  • Tonny Madsen, The RCP Company, can talk about e4 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and UK.

Other Stuff

  • What else could/should the evangelist try to work on together?

Coordination Meeting

We will plan to have monthly evangelist meetings to encourage communication, collaboration and all that good stuff meeting are suppose to do.  :-)

Second meeting will be Thursday, February 11 at 11amPT/2pmET/20:00CET. Call-in numbers are:

U.S. 1-866-394-4146

Participant Passcode: 874 515 514#

The following countries have also been approved for toll-free calls, if required:

Germany: 0800-111-1193

  Germany Caller paid 49-6958-999-0561

UK: 0800-358-3473

  UK Caller Paid:  44-207-154-0023

France: 0800-94-0253

  France Caller Paid:  33-1-70-99-3261

Sweden: 0200-125-713

  Sweden Caller Paid:  46-850-520-161

Finland: 0800-114-845

  Finland Caller Paid:  358-969-379-456

Open discussion Topics for the Call

  • Who would be willing to give interviews about Eclipse e4 with OpenSource Podcasts. I can try to setup something but I believe a e4 leader should be conducting the interview (from Lars Vogel 06. February 2010 )
  • Which topics should I also cover in my tutorial (from Lars Vogel 06. February 2010) I can think of
    • Extension of UI model via additional plugins
    • Improved service example
    • Using different renderers
  • Where can I find information about using different Renderers (from Lars Vogel 06. February 2010)
  • Some article ideas (from James Sugrue 08. February 2010)
    • Why Move From Eclipse 3.x to e4?
    • Getting a basic application together.
    • Using XWT
    • e4 Migration Guide

  • e4 programming contest at EclipseCon
    • need volunteers to help support the contest at the conference

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