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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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Dawn Feature Overview


This page gives an overview about the most important features of Dawn, sorted by category. If you are interested in an release overview and the planned features for the next release, please visit the Release Plan .

Common Features

  • Network independence (Offline Mode)
    • Using one of the latest CDO features (offline support) Dawn will allow modifying GMF diagrams without a connection to an online repository.
  • Authentication/Authorization (not yet implemented; see Bug 319485)
    • Providing a access rights on diagram level will allow you to save for data
    • Additionally the use of the diagram (show, modify, view) will be restrictable. Locking behaviour can also be influenced.
  • Locking (not yet re-implemented, see Bug 319486)
    • Dawn will support locking on different hierarchy levels in the GMF diagram
    • Locked objects marked with special visualisations
  • Conflict handling
    • Dawn provides detection and handling mechanisms for conflicts
    • It bases on the CDO conflict mechanisms and provide flexible and intuitive UI to handle conflicts
    • Conflicts are displayed inside the diagram editor. Conflicts that cannot be visualized inside the editor will be show in a special view (Dawn Conflict View; not yet re-implemented)
  • generate extension code
    • No change of existing code
    • A dynamic design and a flexible generator will make it possible to “collaboratize” existing GMF editors even if the source is
    • Existing editor do not need to modified
  • provide common color shema
    • colors can be defined for conflicts, local & remote locked objects [Bug t.b.d]
    • color shemas are defined on the base of semantic models, all extended editor follow the same color code
    • coloe shema cna be defined in the dawn genmodel

Integration with GMF editors

  • Dawn supports GMF editors Bug 308232
    • real-time shared editing for GMF editors
    • persitence in CDO Repositoy
    • conflict visualization und solving mechanisms
    • generator to create the extension with tow clicks

Integration with EMF editors

The inital integration for EMF editor will be covered in Bug 323828

Integration with Graphiti editors

  • One of the next features will be the integration of Graphiti based editor

Web integration

  • WebViewer/WebEditor (re-implementation started, see Bug 319487)
    • Dawn provides a web viewer to view changes in the diagram while they are processed in Eclipse
    • it also will support changing the diagram (adding/deleting/manipulating) in a browser
    • this mode allows editing GMF-diagrams on mobile device even if no Java platform is installed

Extended Tooling and Frameworks

  • The famous Ecore Editor has been extened to be used on Dawn Bug 323828
  • Ecore Tools Diagram editor will be extended to be used on Dawn Bug 333187

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