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DTP 1.7 RC1 New and Noteworthy

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This page documents a few of the things we think are New & Noteworthy for the DTP 1.7 (Galileo) RC1 milestone release.

Download the latest 1.7 RC1 milestone build [here]. Our RC1 candidate will be released as part of the Galileo Release Train on May 18, 2009.


An experimental API has been added to DTP during this milestone (yes, it's late, but it's experimental) to handle mapping via extension points from connection profile provider IDs (essentially the profile type ID) to driver template category IDs and from driver template category IDs down to vendor and version as returned by a particular database from a JDBC driver.

What this allows us to do is avoid hardcoding the profile provider ID as part of the wizard framework and gives the ability to get at the provider ID from the vendor/version via APIs. You can see more about this feature in the bug 253584.

Other Milestone New & Noteworthies

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