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DTP 1.7 M6 New and Noteworthy

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This page documents a few of the things we think are New & Noteworthy for the DTP 1.7 (Galileo) M6 milestone release.

Download the latest 1.7 M6 milestone build [here]. Our M6 candidate will be released as part of the Galileo Release Train on March 23, 2009.

DTP Connectivity

BZ 253523- Define Database Vendor and Version profile property mapping in an Extension Point

Since DTP provides very little as far as built-in out-of-box database recognizers, adopters can now add their own databaseRecognition extension for the databases that they use. Instead of implementing an IDatabaseRecognizer that covers the specific product name and version metadata returned by their JDBC drivers, a developer can simply define the mapping in plugin.xml between a JDBC database product name and version values to those of a DTP enablement driver template.

This is the first step in beefing up DTP APIs to allow easier access to some of the more obscure DTP functionality without going through the UI.

BZ 253606 - Support handling of Transient Connection Profile instance

In previous releases, DTP did not have the concept of temporary or "transient" connection profiles. You could create a profile, but it would show up in the Data Source Explorer, which may not be what you need. Now you have the option of creating a transient profile instance via API from a set of profile properties, which you can use to connect to and access the profile data source. When the workbench is closed, these transient profiles are then disconnected and disposed of properly.

BZ 264520 - Need to filter Driver Templates

Developers now have a method of removing specific driver templates from the list via their own driverTemplateOverride extensions. This allows much more granular removal of templates if they are replacing driver templates with their own versions, or if they're not supporting particular drivers at all but don't want to remove entire sets of enablement plug-ins. Further work will be done, but the initial implementation is in and working.

ODA API Changes

To all who have implemented an Open Data Access (ODA) data source extension, please read on...

A number of enhancements have been identified in the ODA framework to support additional features requested by the community.

Please see this link that describes these enhancements and proposed API changes in the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda bundle version 3.2, for release in DTP 1.7 (Galileo).

New methods have been added to the ODA Java interfaces. This means that compiling your existing ODA runtime driver implementation with these latest ODA interfaces would require an upgrade to implement the additional methods.

The ODA framework will provide binary backward compatibility support of an ODA data source extension, whose source were compiled with a version earlier than these ODA 3.2 API interfaces.

If an ODA extension has not implemented a new interface method, the ODA Consumer Helper framework will throw an UnsupportedOperationException on its behalf.

DTP SQL Dev Tools - SQL Query Builder

BZ 202606 - Support: changing set operator (UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT) in SQB outline view

Added a right-click action to the query outline in the Outline view to allow the user to change the set operator type (UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT) of a combined select (fullselect).

BZ 223133 - select * query display is confusing

Highlight all the column checkboxes in the tables in the SQB graphical tables viewer when the query is SELECT * FROM...

BZ 250470 - SQB doesn't recognize when user has typed in a different statement type

Now allow the user to change the statement type dynamically by typing in a new statement type in the SQB Source viewer.

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