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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 26-Jul-2006

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Wednesday Jul 26, 2006 at 6.30am PDT / 8.30am CDT / 9.30am Toronto / 3.30pm Salzburg
Dial-in: Skype martin.oberhuber, ddykstal, david-k-mcknight, kushal_munir

Fixed-line fallback dial-in:

  • International +1 314-655-1411
  • North America +1 877-422-0035 (toll free)
  • Passcode: 764918


  • IBM - Dave Dykstal, Dave McKnight (Kushal Munir not available)
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber


  • Our top goals
    • Grow the Communities - active users and adopters --> tutorial, docs, mailinglist help
    • Get the APIs Right --> enable public API discussion --> ISV docs, Wiki API discussion, [api] bugzilla's
    • Get our Processes in place --> JUnit, nightly builds, infocenter, update site
  • Latest News
  • Urgent work to do
  • Other items
    • Please be responsive on bugs / api discussions
      • Please triage bugs in "New" state such that we get a handle on what's going on
      • Set them "Assigned" when you can handle them; Reassign when somebody else should work on them; add a comment and leave them "New" for now when you don't know what to do with them.
      • It's also OK to defer bugs past 1.0 by setting status to LATER
    • Manual test plans - Martin to start putting together something
    • EFS feature, Examples feature to be created by Martin
    • Jakarta Commons - hopefully EMO will complete review soon (currently 119 open!)
  • Free discussion -- feelings, comments, critics
    • DaveD ok to work on the "big rock" bugs and ISV docs

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD - Review Patches, JUnit legal, Service Error Reporting API, No-Password-API, SystemRegistry API, docs (with Kushal), bug fixing (persistency)
  • DaveM - Parallel Services API, bug fixing, hygiene changes
  • Kushal - refactoring, doc review (DaveD), bug fixing
  • Martin - EFS & Examples features, build scripts, Manual test plan, API Review

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