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Project Plan For Mobile Tools for Java, version 0.9.1

The goal of the Mobile Tools for JavaTM (MTJ) project is to extend existing Eclipse frameworks to support mobile device Java application development. MTJ will enable developers to develop, debug and deploy mobile Java applications to emulators and real devices. The base code of MTJ is EclipseME version 1.7.9.

After MTJ 0.9 release, DSDP MTJ project agreed to have a maintenance release with some new features and bug fixes. The main motivation for this release is to:

  • Provide new features to MTJ before joining Eclipse Galileo Train,
  • Fix all major bugs that are found on MTJ 0.9.

The target data of this release is the end of 2008. After the release, MTJ will join Eclipse Galileo Train and focus on integration with Galileo and use Galileo specific features.

MTJ 0.9.1 scope is listed below. It is important to highlight that the bug fixes is a higher priority then any of the new features. Any features might be dropped out of the scope if there are too many major bugs on MTj 0.9

  • Fix major bugs of MTJ 0.9,
  • Preprocessing enhancements,
  • Library support,
  • Unit Test support,
  • MIDlet localization tool.

Initially there is no plan to change the current APIs that are available on MTJ. Maybe the Library support feature will require a new API, but if that happen this will be open discussed on MTJ DEV list.

Release Deliverables

MTJ 0.9.1 deliverables will be the same as MTJ 0.9. No new deliverables will be added, but all documents will be updated to reflect the new features.

Release Milestones

Below is a list of all milestones of this release.

RC1 Dec/05/2008
0.9.1RC1 (API and Feature freeze)
RC2 Dec/12/2008
0.9.1RC2 (All Most major bugs fix)
GA Dec/19/2008
0.9.1 (Web site update and download available)

Target Environments

MTJ Deliverables will be tested on the following platforms

Mobile Tools for Java Reference Platforms
Operating system OS version Processor architecture Window system Java 2 Platform JavaME SDK
Microsoft Windows XP x86 Win32 Sun Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 Update 14 for Microsoft Windows MOTODEV SDK for JavaME 1.3
Microsoft Windows XP x86 Win32 Sun Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 Update 14 for Microsoft Windows Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC
Microsoft Windows XP x86 Win32 Sun Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 Update 14 for Microsoft Windows Nokia Serier 40 Developer Platform 2.0 SDK
Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 4 update 2 x86 GTK Sun Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 Update 14 for Linux x86 Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC
Apple Mac OS X 10.5 x86 Carbon Apple Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 5, service release 4 Mpowerplayer build 1185
Apple Mac OS X 10.5 x86 Carbon Apple Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 5, service release 4 Microemu 2.0.3

Although untested, MTJ should work fine on other OSes that support the same window system. For Win32: NT, 2000, Vista, and Server 2003; SWT HTML viewer requires Internet Explorer 5 (or higher). For GTK on other Linux systems: version 2.2.1 of the GTK+ widget toolkit and associated libraries (GLib, Pango).


Currently MTJ is only available in English and it is not designed to be localized yet.

Compatibility with Previous Releases

In terms of compatibility, there are three main aspects that need to be considered.

API Contract Compatibility: Since this is a maintenance release, MTJ 0.9.1 is fully compatible with MTJ 0.9.

SDK Workspace format compatibility: MTJ 0.9.1 is fully compatible with MTJ 0.9.

MIDlet Workspace format compatibility: MTJ 0.9.1 is fully compatible with MTJ 0.9.

Themes and Priorities

Plan items listed below are based on the original planning objectives that were established on the Mobile Tools for Java Project 0.9.1.

Fix and Improve

  • Committed
    • [fiximprove]: Error in "Convert to MIDlet Project" bug 244576 (target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Sun Wireless Toolkit 3.0 EA does not support MIDlet class on command-line bug 251325 (target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: When adding a new MIDlet the details pane isn't shown bug 246731(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: MIDlet page on application descriptor editor shows disabled buttons bug 249377(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove] can't locate the error line in source code when debug bug 251394(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove][EclipseME importer]failed to delete EclipseME Lib container bug 251675(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove] : Preprocessor creates readonly files in .processed bug 252727(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: workspace level Symbol Set import/export/duplicate bug 253860(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Failure on java project convertion into MIDlet project bug 255542(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Renaming a package does not reflect to jad bug 256258(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: MIDlet reference in debug/run-configuration not updated after refactor of package names bug 256445(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Add content assist support to JAD source editor bug 256557(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: NPE in Motorola SDK import bug 256810(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: CDC/PBP devices imported as CLDC/MIDP bug 251767(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Remove unnecessary plugins bug 256828(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Project web site is missing user installation instructions bug 258007(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [fiximprove]: Localization wizard bug 259566(target milestone: 0.9.1)
  • Proposed
    • [fiximprove]: Symbol Set Definition preference page - button Add/Remove not working correctly bug 258762 (target milestone: ---)
    • [fiximprove]: The project shows invalid run option bug 244554(target milestone: ---)
    • [fiximprove] issue on EclipseME -> MTJ conversion bug 251395(target milestone: ---)
    • [fiximprove]: Preprocessor does not handle Chinese in source code well bug 259341(target milestone: ---)
  • Deferred
    • [fiximprove]: Automatically search for UEI SDKs bug 239971(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: Add option to run JAR/JAD bug 239976(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: MIDlet javadoc bug 239977(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: Review MTJ Preferences page layout bug 240669(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: Add button "Validate" in default preverifier settings bug 244007(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: Add localization to MTJ UI plugins bug 237287(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: export mtj project bug 243690(target milestone: Future)
    • [fiximprove]: The "Finish" button on the "New MIDlet Project" wizard bug 244546(target milestone: Future)

Localization Tool

  • Committed
    • [localization]: Define localization support requirements bug 249815(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: Add Localization Support To a MIDlet Project bug 249819(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: add editor to edit midlet locales bug 249818(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: changing location properties folder doens remove "old" property files bug 257364 (target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: Generate Bundles During Build bug 251022(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: write manual test cases of localization support bug 249816(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: update documentation to add localization feature bug 249820(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: localization editor is allowing two constants with the same name bug 257362(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: localization constants must be generated in uppercase bug 257363(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [localization]: Prepropulate a list of possible locales language and country codes bug 257366(target milestone: 0.9.1)
  • Proposed
    • [localization]: Import Previously Existing Bundles in Project Locale Source bug 251155(target milestone: ---)
    • [localization]: add quickfix on editor bug 257367(target milestone: ---)
    • [localization]: Error on locale name field limit bug 258508(target milestone: ---)
  • Deferred
    • [localization]: i18n tool bug 238135(target milestone: Future)

Library Support

  • Committed
    • [library]: write manual test cases of library support bug 249822(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: Define library support requirements bug 249821(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: Define library representation bug 249823(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: change project wizard to add libraries bug 249824(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: Write example on how to use the library representation bug 249826(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: change project property pages to select/deselect libraries bug 250434(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: define Extension point for library definition bug 250438(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: Create library manager bug 250441(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: Create library ClasspathContainer manager bug 250467(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: Selecting/deselecting a library in the property page, removes JMUnit library from project classpath. bug 257850(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library][codeconventions]: Packages are not following eclipse naming conventions bug 257851(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [library]: MIDletLibraryClasspathContainerInitializer must override getComparisonID method from ClasspathContainerInitializer bug 258174(target milestone: 0.9.1)
  • Proposed
    • [library]: change build process to add project libraries bug 249827(target milestone: ---)
    • [library]: import library javadoc bug 249829(target milestone: ---)
  • Deferred
    • [library]: add filter of libraries based on current sdk / device support bug 249825(target milestone: Future)

Unit Test Support

  • Committed
    • [unittestsupport]: Update documentation to add JMUnit support feature bug 257739(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: JMUnit library is being packed in the deployed application JAR file when JMUnit support is disabled bug 258070(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Add wizzard to create test case bug 255254(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Create JMUnit plug-in in repository bug 255258(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Re-create jmunit tests not working bug 257711(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Add Java ME unit testing support bug 166211(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Define Java ME unit testing support requirements bug 255250(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Add wizzard to create test suites bug 255256(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: add jmunit action on mtj perspective bug 257708(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: Enable / disable jmunit test bug 257709(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [unittestsupport]: The JMUnit tags created inside test suite do not work after code formatting bug 259096 (target milestone: 0.9.1)
  • Proposed
    • No items.
  • Deferred
    • No items.

Multiple Device Development

  • Committed
    • [multdevice]: define multiple device support requirements bug 249830(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: write manual test cases of multiple device support bug 249831(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Provide project level configuration to associate multiple devices to a project bug 249832(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Set current active configuration as the symbol set for the preprocessor builder bug 249833 (target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Separate deploy folders for multi-target build and distribution bug 249834(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Symbols content-assist bug 249835(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Multi-device execution (launch configuration for currently active device in configuration) bug 249837(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Quick option to change current device in the configuration bug 249838(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: update documentation to add multiple device feature bug 249839(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]:Configuration data format & persistence bug 251171(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Multi-configuration Reusable Management UI component bug 251172(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Antenna Ant build files should change according muli-config feature bug 251343(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Change EclipseME project importer according new meta data file format bug 251344(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Preprocess Template content-assist bug 253162(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Preprocess directive content-assist bug 253648(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Preprocess symbols content-assist bug 253653(target milestone: 0.9.1)
    • [multdevice]: Preprocess debug/mdebug directive support bug 255130(target milestone: 0.9.1)
  • Proposed
    • [multdevice]: fold in and fold out of preprocessed blocks bug 249836(target milestone: ---)
    • [multdevice]: Preprocess template configuration bug 253645(target milestone: ---)
    • [multdevice]: Each configuration should has its own source folders bug 258219(target milestone: ---)
  • Deferred
    • No items.

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