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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 21-July-2008


Conference Call Details

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: 09 AM CDT [Click here for you local time]
US Toll free: +1-877-825-8522
Int'l or US Toll: +1-702 495-1500
Brazil: 0800-891-6245
Passcode: 9190565826#

Proposed Agenda

Conference Agenda:

  • Last month accomplishments
  • Current project status
    • Open CQs
    • Missing features to close a first stable release
  • Include Sybase contributors as MTJ committers
  • Evaluate MTJ 0.9 release plan
  • Review MTJ Manual Test Cases


  • MTJ accomplishments:
    • nightly build
    • import EclipseME project (integrated by gustavo and will be available tomorrow - 22/jul/2008)
      • user has to enter midlet signing password again
      • craig suggest to improve usability by adding warning or code (open a bug to do that)
  • project status:
    • 3 open CQ's
      • Omry needs to follow up on preprocessor legal requirements. There is still an issue with the preprocessor hook that is currently available. it requires the ASM source code to be inside the hook plugin. There are two options to go forward: check with eclipse legal if we can distribute ASM source code; check with Equinox mailing list if there is some way to do it. it is better to start with Equinox list.
      • Empty API, work with craig on this
      • truezip, review is in "parallel IP" review. we looked at Martin's "apache commons" project, but doesn't provide the needed API (update CQ with that comment).
  • current emulator support
    • Mpower and UEI compliant SDK's work
    • MicroEMU is not working yet, they have some missing API's in their stubs. depending on "Empty stub" CQ's.

  • sybase committer status
    • check with samir on the "long term" availability of engineers (at least 6 - 12 months)
    • send engineers the committer process document
  • eclipse release schedule
    • propose a 0.9 release for late august
  • other items:
    • JAD editor: keep "project properties" separate form jad file
  • test cases:
    • current: cesar has written some exploratory test cases, please feedback form everyone.
    • if there is any changes or updates, please send email, or just add test case code and update wiki.

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