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DSDP/MTJ/New Profiles Information


MTJ Release 2 New Profiles Support

MIDP 2.1 support

There is a changelog of description at

It appears that the only conditions that would affect the tools is the Numbers 21 and 22.

  • Number 21

The Application descriptor should contain MicroEdition-Profile MicroEdition-Configuration MIDlet-Permissions

Our JAD editor always specifies the first two, and allows the user to configure the third. Since it is not required, we will make no changes.

  • Number 22

An additional JAD/JAR manifest attribute is defined. We do not currently provide this attribute, and will not change to add it at this time. It can be added to the JAD manually and would need to be added to the Manifest after a build in order to use it.

There appears to be more work needed here The changelog did not mention the new MIDP-2.1 entry in the JAD file. We will need to change code in a variety of places to allow this value, as well as in the SDK definitions to handle the value.

MIDP 3.0 support (not included, but may come to the picture)

This appears to have JAD and packaging changes that we will need to look into. I think we will add Midp 3.0 support to our next version. Spec is currently in Early Draft Review.

Java ME Profiles

We have added an execution option for Java ME profiles in a separate requirement. If an SDK defines the profile items will work properly.

Foundation Profile

We should implement a Foundation Hello World template, and make sure that all references and icons to projects are Java ME instead of Personal Profile.

Personal Profile (no AWT visual editor)

We already have a personal profile template.

Personal Basis Profile

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