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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 06-Sept-07


  • Dave Whiteman
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Sheldon Leeloy
  • Hubert Leuyng


Discussion of Repository API COSMOS_Design_200222

Reviewed the design document on the wiki.

Where/how do we document the namespaces, package names et.

  • General rule of thumb, if it affects other projects, then the information should be made public.

Where do we document the namespaces, capability URIs, etc?

  • Start a COSMOS Management Capabilities page
    • This should cover topics and namespaces
    • Extend the WSDM tooling to include the capabilites
      • Add their documentation into the eclipse help
  • Ali will provide list & description of the reuseable components
  • Will also document the "programming model", e.g. "I have some mangement data, how do I make it an MDR?"

Discussion of Repository API--Web Services COSMOS_Design_186247

Detailed discussion will be moved to another meeting. Ali will start the design page with the set of topics that we discussed as a result of the earlier discussion.

i6 dependencies COSMOS i6 dependencies

Action items for all.... Please look at the COSMOS i6 dependencies page.

  • Add the details re: version numbers, release levels, etc...
  • Add anything that is missing (e.g. I need to add Apache Muse on here)

Java Packages & OSGi Packaging

Joel & Hubert will review the page and post comments. Java Packages & OSGi Packaging Hubert will send a note to the mailing list when complete. We'll schedule a time for the refactoring to take place.

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