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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 01-May-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 5/1/08.


  • David
  • JT
  • Don
  • Jack
  • Bill
  • Martin
  • Paul
  • Tania
  • Jimmy
  • Sheldon
  • Ali
  • Srinivas
  • Hubert
  • Mark


  • 20 min: Talk about COSMOS UI architecture. Discuss chaining components to add logging, testing and security support. Presentation Slides (Sheldon Lee-Loy)
  • 25 min: Continue the COSMOS Architectural discussions from April 24 (Jimmy Mohsin et al)
    • Slides linked from this cosmos-dev message: [1]
    • GOAL: We need to have FOUR pictures; we need a high level and a detail view for both the current and future state.
    • Jimmy Mohsin will send a version prior to this meeting for review.
    • What should we call the "Data Broker"? Is the term "COSMOS Broker" OK? We need to balance the renaming impact versus accuracy.
    • We need to convey that the current state is oblivious to the type of Services being registered.
    • We need to decide when / if the Domain will return.
    • We need to determine a realistic timeframe for supporting multiple Brokers for scalability / performance considerations. I get asked this question a lot from the transactionally-intensive products...
    • What is our position vis-a-vis WSDM / WEF for future releases?
  • 15 min: i11 Issues (Sheldon Lee-Loy)
    • Internationalization: Should locale be set from the browser and sent to the MDR?
    • Determine names for current MDRs. Should MDR provide a display name?
      COSMOS MDR Lists
      bug 228019


  • Sheldon discussed some changes in the UI architecture
    • Decoupling logic from UI code allows reuse
    • Adding extensibility to support future enhancements
    • The group liked the idea in general
    • Lots of questions about the specifics of the data feeds and the API
    • Ali pointed out the benefit of doing this for making mashups, since adopters will want that kind of flexibility
    • Ali suggested using Dojo support instead of HTTP as the request
    • Martin suggested adding more use cases
    • Mark asked Sheldon to add more detail and bring it back to next week's call
  • We decided to proceed with Jimmy's architecture discussion because we had already deferred it once, and wanted Mark's perspective on the diagrams.
  • Jimmy went over the slides he sent to the group
    • On the first slide, Mark suggested that the statement about any web service is too broad, should be "any MDR"
    • David suggested making one of the data managers being the example of an MDR
    • Jimmy asked if clients should be able to go through broker to make queries. Mark said we should not support this.
    • Hubert presented the detailed architecture diagram he designed.
    • Mark suggested that the database icon should be replaced with another application box (i.e. "Application 3").

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