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Corona/Milestone 1.0.0M8

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The theme for this milestone is EclipseCon. Emphasis will be placed on preparing Corona for presentation and demo at EclipseCon.


Europa Planned Date Feb 23, 2007

The list of items scheduled for this release are defined within Bugzilla


Lucene Integration - bug 166131

  • index content on server
    • index from keyword to resource uri
    • repository updates event listener starts indexing

Europa Integration

  • Continue enhancing release engineering to participate in Europa


System Requirements

  • JVM 1.5
  • Eclipse v3.3
  • EMF 2.3
  • ECF 1.0

Europa M5

The following is the steps needed to setup a Windows based Eclipse v3.3 environment for Corona.

Development Environment

  1. Unzip
    1. linux
    2. windows
  2. Unzip
  3. Unzip
  4. Unzip
  5. Import team project set
  6. Import PDE Workaround
  7. Update org.eclipse.corona.axis2.handler.sdo project's properties (Java Build Path)
    1. Remove required project(s)
      1. org.apache.axiom.impl
      2. org.apache.axis2.databinding
    2. Add required project(s)
      1. org.eclipse.corona.pde.workaround
  • Do not install the Apache into the Eclipse plugin folder.
    • These 3rd party libraries are now part of Corona's CVS repository. They can be defined within the workspace.
  • There appears to be an issue with the Orbit plug-in org.apache.xerces
    • The MANIFEST attempts to export the the package This location should be defined as part of the plugin's runtime classpath.
    • This is NOT a problem even though it is reported as a PDE Problem. See 166680

Corona Server for Win32

  1. Download the Corona Server all-in-one for Win32
  2. Unzip the Corona Server
  3. Run the server by executing the command: corona.bat

Corona Server for Linux

  1. Download the Corona Server all-in-one for Linux
  2. Unzip the Corona Server
  3. Run the server by executing the command: ./eclipse -console -clean

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