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Corona Milestone 1.0.0M7

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The theme for this milestone is manageability. Emphasis will be placed on enabling Corona server-side plugins to expose functionality via WSDM so that they can be remotely managed.


Corona Planned Date Jan 22, 2007

The list of items scheduled for this release are defined within Bugzilla

Objectives - Tentative List


Corona Management

  • Introduce the ability to manage Corona server-side components
    • start/stop bundles
    • set logging parameters

Context Container

  • Ability to manage CC via WSRF - bugs: 166242, 166245
    • Create/Update/Delete CC
    • Create/Update/Delete Repository Descriptor within CC
    • Initial implementation, additional features to be included in following milestones
  • Ability to synchronize changes between local cached and remote Container def'n - bug 166247
    • Include UI for synch conflict resolution


  • Introduce Java Content Repository (JCR) with Apache JackRabbit - bug 166254
    • implement RepositoryAdaptor
    • Add / Remove / Update items in JCR
    • Extend Viewers for items in JCR repository
    • Use mime types to map items in JCR repository to viewers in Eclipse Workbench
    • Extend Project Container Explorer to show JCR items
    • Support Proxy access to repositories from repository-descriptor with real url - bugs: 164301, [1]
Team Member

The is an enhancement to the exemplary implementation of the Project Context Container. It will demonstrate the use of a JDBC database as repository adapter.

  • Use of SQL based repository (Derby) - bug 166261
    • Add Team Member Table
    • Add Team Member Role Table
    • Add Team Member Attributes Table
    • Ability to manage via web services

Project Context Container

  • Accessibility
    • Only allow team members write access to Project Container
  • Enhanced chat for PCC team members - bugs: 151209
    • chat log on server
    • aggregate chat information which members are chatting
    • aggregate chat information which member roles are chatting
  • Container Editing
    • Enhance default EMF Editor to fuller featured editor

ContextContainer Events

  • Provide Eclipse plugin extenion-point model for defining events - bug 166190
    • Listener registration for Collaboration Events
  • Introduce use of ActiveMQ as ECF transport - bugs: 165154, 165156
  • log collaboration events into Derby Database Table - bug 165152, 166199
  • OSGi Event Filtering based upon:
    • Containers
    • Users
    • Repositories
  • Bugs: 156279, 160067, 166188

Orbit Integration

  • Adopt ORBIT supported libraries
    • Apache Log4j
    • Apache Derby
    • Apache Axis - bug 158135

Europa Integration

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