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Core Tools

Core Tools

Jeff McAffer,

There are tools and facilities
available to better understand the startup sequence.  See 
  Download Core Tools
Using the core tools you can see exactly what causes each bundle to be started,
you can find out what causes each class to be loaded, etc etc.

Installation and Enable

Core Tools Readme

Consists of three .jar files,

  1. org.eclipse.core.resources.spysupport

To enable need to run eclipse with -debug <option file path> The Nov 2006 .options file CoreToolsOptionsExampleFile

To see stuff you have to set all the false settings to true.


After enable you have new views under Window->ShowView: File:ShowViewRuntimeTools.png


Perspectives -> Metadata. Then right click on Metadata Spy and navigate to your .metadata directory. This is a subdirectory of the workspace for me.

Example Metadata view: CoreToolsMetadataPerspective.png

Perspectives -> RuntimeSpy

Example RuntimeSpy: CoreToolsRuntimeSpy.png

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