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Collecting Eclipse Hackathons where you learn how to contribute and afterwards the group converts caffeine to code together.

If you're looking for something to do:

Advice for running hackathons

(Originally from Andrew Eisenberg) Hacking eclipse-based projects tends to be more difficult than other projects since the dev environment is usually much more complex.

  1. Make sure that all participating projects have clear and up to date instructions on how to set up the dev environment (this can seriously impact productivity if it's not done right)
  2. Instruct all participants to come with Eclipse SDK pre-installed
  3. But also have a bunch of thumb drives available with various eclipse distros for people to get the bits onto their machines quickly.
  4. Get all participating projects to have a list of hackathon-friendly bugs/features tagged in bugzilla (or wherever the issue tracker is). Scoping this is actually quite tricky, so participating projects should put some thought into this.
  5. Get some help with the foundation to make sure there's someone available who can get the CLA signed and processed quickly
  6. Make sure all participating projects have someone available who can help people through any of the proposed bugs/features (easier said than done since someone representing a project may not be familiar with the area that a bug/feature touches)
  7. Prizes are always nice (t-shirts, swag, etc)
  8. Food and beer help as well (but not too much beer since eventually, that impacts coding)
  9. I've found it useful for each project representative to give a brief intro and sales pitch for what the project is about and why it is good to contribute to before starting.

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