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Beijing/Hackathon page

Eclipse Hackathon Beijing 2013

When and where

You can visit the main page of Eclipse Day Beijing to get the detail informations.


No any specific knowledge of Eclipse or others is mandatory. You are very welcome even if you are one artist. Yes, we are just hacking for fun! It is great to see that we could contribute to any part of Eclipse. However, finally, it is best if we could say "Hi, guy, I like your plugin" or "Oh, it is amazing that we can use Eclipse like this"...


  • 1 hour: quick introduce
  • 6-7 hour: paired/flocked into any kinds of on site, warm up, discuss, hack...
    • (TBD: some drinks/snacks are available for hackers whole day, around 1pm lunch will be served? Eclipse Day will have lunch as well?)
  • 1-2 hour: share the fruits of one day
    • (TBD: Books or other gifts(the number is dependent on the final sponsors) will be provided? for the guys with most fun or interests or contributions by selecting or recommending youself)

Hacking Ideas

Generally, we are excited to code everything with Eclipse in the hackathon. However, one day is limited. It is hoped that we can narrow down our hacking contents into small workable pieces. So, it is welcome we can server ourself with what we like to do! Please provide ideas if you like to guide/collaborate/see in the hackathon as the following table. If the number of interesting >= 2, then it will be great to have it hacked!

idea(why/how/resources...) who like to guide or code(name/nickname/email)
javac plugin for JDT: this is a strange idea in that the Eclipse ship it own compiler - ECJ. In fact, the ecj shows problems which we can help with this plugin: 1.  ; 2. 金明剑[1]
styling Kelper into deep darker 金明剑[2]
JDT UI Bugs: n/a

Who Is Attending

it would be much helpful to add your name(or nickname if you do not wanna leave the real name), email here, to allow we do an accurate statistics for room:

  • 金明剑(Jin Mingjian),

Fun of Hackathon

(waiting for you...)

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