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COSMOS Roles and Responsibilities

COSMOS Roles and Responsibilities


This document describes the roles and responsibilities of various members of the COSMOS team. The intent is for this document to complement the roles described in the Eclipse Development Process

Project Team Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that any of the responsibilities below can be delegated but the person listed is still responsible for their completion.

COSMOS Project Lead

  • Prepare COSMOS for release reviews
  • Prepare COSMOS for graduation reviews
  • Track overall COSMOS status
  • Plan content for COSMOS release

COSMOS Architecture Lead:

  • Ensure that each subproject's designs integrate well with the other subprojects' designs
  • Represent COSMOS at Eclipse technical events
  • Provide technical guidance
  • Run the architecture call

COSMOS Subproject Leads

  • Ensure that subproject team is operating effectively by guiding the team's overall direction and by removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving conflicts
  • Lead component team meetings
  • Communicate Community and Summit information to team members
  • Coordinate assignment of team tasks (e.g. Delegate running JUnits and manual tests on weekly integration builds)
  • Report team status at Community meetings, on the wiki status page
  • Respond on the mailing list as appropriate

COSMOS Subproject Component Owners

  • Create Design Documents
  • Implement Features
  • Create Junits/Manual Tests
  • Perform Integration Testing
  • Perform Iteration Testing
    • Run tests and check in test execution into CVS

COSMOS Subproject Components & Owners

Please note that this section below may need to be updated to simplify it.

Data Visualization Components

Components Owner
UI Core Framework Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Query builder
  • Queries to data managers
Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Data Manager Navigator
Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • XML Viewer
  • Graph Response Viewer
  • Properties Viewer
Martin Simmonds
  • Registration/Deregistration of CI
Leonard Richardson
BIRT Reports
  • Report templates
  • BIRT Report Viewer
John Todd

Data Collection Components

Components Owner
CMDBf query and registration services Ali Mehregani
CMDBf query and registration transformations David Whiteman
Management Domain and Broker Hubert Leung
Data Manager Framework Hubert Leung
Data Manager Examples Hubert Leung

Resource Modeling Components

Components Owner
SML-IF Editor David Whiteman
SML / SML-IF Validator Ali Mehregani
SML-IF Import David Whiteman
SML-IF Export David Whiteman
SML Repository Ali Mehregani

Management Enablement Components

Components Owner
SDD Jason Losh
WSDM components ? Joel Hawkins
Data manager toolkit David Whiteman

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