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COSMOS ME Minutes 17JUN08


  • Date: 17JUN08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Charlie Halloran, Mark McCraw, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jeff Hamm, Robert DeMason, Julia McCarthy, Jason Losh, Eric Rose


  1. i11 status updates
  2. Follow-up on action items
  3. i12 planning
  4. P2/SDD runtime alignment
  5. Other items


  1. i11 status - nothing new.
    • We will be moving some of our i11 ERs to i12.
    • If you have ERs that you intend to add to i12, let Jason know or update the i12 page.
    • Use case review scheduled for tomorrow, 18JUN08.
  2. Action items
    • Eric reports that removal of Tuscany from tooling code is on target (i13).
    • Josh to move ERs for rules to i13.
    • Eric got word this morning that Change Analyzer has been approved by Eclipse Legal finally! He will push later this week.
    • Design doc done for now. Jeff to update wiki so that it reflects the latest.
    • Mark M. working on changing zip extractor packages.
    • Paul and Jason had tasks to create installation documentation, that needs to be reconciled.
  3. P2 meeting occurred just before this call today.
    • Summary:
      • Walked Pascal (P2 team lead) & Philipe through our design doc.
      • P2 looks like it could provide the underpinnings to what we have outlined in our design.
      • They currently have a "Director" which used to be called "Orchastrator" that is very similar to ours.
      • They also have something called a "Zip Extractor".
      • I believe they have a Resource Handler interface or something very similar to it.
      • P2 uses an in memory object model that they call their "IU".
      • We share common goals, but SDD includes more than the P2 team was targeting.
      • Pascal was interested in the Query Handler interface, P2 does not do any querying of the system. He was not so much interested in the Registration Handler interface.
      • The COSMOS/SDD folks need to pull down the P2 code and just see what it does, and what can be reused. We need to see if we can make P2 process an SDD and install something.
      • Charlie to research and/or talk to Mark W. about how to do cross-project work in Eclipse.
      • Jason will send out summary of P2 discussion to dev mailing list.
  4. Discussions starting about OVF/SDD alignment. Need to have similar discussions about CML/SML. Julia on the SML working group and will report back in a couple of weeks.

Action Items

  1. Jason to commit SAS zip extractor code, Mark to change packages to align with COSMOS requirements.
  2. Continue work on SDD for COSMOS.
  3. Jason to start documenting the Runtime similar to doc Chris has created for SDD Tooling (need URL).
  4. Josh to move i11 rules ERs to i12.
  5. Jason to send out P2 meeting summary.
  6. Eric to push code for Change Analyzer.
  7. Charlie to find out about Eclipse cross-project policies.
  8. Additional ERs for i12 need to be entered or sent to Jason.
  9. Need to pull down P2 code and see what it does.
  10. Jeff to update design doc wiki to latest.

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