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COSMOS/COSMOS i11 week5 weeklycandidate

COSMOS weekly status

Testing Status of COSMOS Candidate Driver COSMOS-1.0.0-200806031210

Team, after you have updated your status on this page, send an email to Jagmit Singh (jagmits at ca.ibm.com) so that he can track when all of the status is posted and ready. To reduce noise on the mailing list, report to cosmos-dev only if you find a problem that other people need to know about and react to. Jagmit will post an email stating when the driver has passed all tests.

Link to the candidate driver

Data Visualization (Sheldon Lee-Loy)

2 bugs found:

  • 235440 - Statistical Report tests failed. Build packaging issue found.
  • 235441 - Deregration dialog problem. Usability issue.
Component Pass rate
org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.tests/DataVisualization.UI.Component.Widget 95%
org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.tests/DataVisualization.UI.Reports 50%

SML (David Whiteman)

Component Pass rate
org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.repository.tests 100%
org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.smlif.tests 100%
org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.validation.tests 100%

CMDBf (David Whiteman, Hubert Leung)


Component Pass rate
org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.cmdbf.services.tests 100%

Hubert: I run the org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.framework.test test suite. One test case failed. I have already checked in the fix. This bug is not a stopship.

Bug 235575 was opened for the demo config. The fix is available.

Management Enablement (Jason Losh)


1 bug found:

  • 235456 - MDR toolkit tests failed. Note: this bug is now fixed, so it is expected that there will be 100% passing if a rebuild were to happen.
Component Pass rate
org.eclipse.cosmos.me.dmtoolkit.tests 40%

Data Collection (Jimmy Mohsin)

Data Collection bugzilla status (Jimmy Mohsin)


The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Not started

Consumability - remove impediments to adoption

Status Bug Severity Description Owner Sizing
COMPLETE 229827 Normal Need strongly typed getter methods in COSMOS data model Ali Mehregani Low
COMPLETE 216801 Normal Common COSMOS classes need packaging as standalone JAR Mark Weitzel Low
COMPLETE 229426 Normal Support logging in data managers Hubert Leung Medium
COMPLETE 229820 Normal Internationalization: Externalize string and enable data managers to provide localized messages Hubert Leung Low

Stability - reduce the bug backlog

Status Bug Severity Description Owner Sizing
COMPLETE 228957 Normal Wrong index used in SampleRegistrationService Ali Mehregani Low
COMPLETE 228960 Normal Example MDR doesn't use unique identifiers for local id Ali Mehregani Low
COMPLETE 219994 Normal Typo in package names in cmdbf.services sample David Whiteman Low
COMPLETE 228271 Normal Aperi MDR needs new display name and icon Bill Muldoon Low
COMPLETE 229593 Normal Broker should have clear return codes Hubert Leung Low

Quality - refactor as necessary to meet Eclipse API and coding conventions

Status Bug Severity Description Owner Sizing
COMPLETE 229955 Major Archive plug-ins not required Ali Mehregani Medium
COMPLETE 229959 Normal Properly indicate internal and provisional APIs Ali Mehregani Low

Data Visualization bugzilla status (Sheldon Lee-Loy)


The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Not started

Stability - bugs that will improve the stability of the driver

COMPLETE220201normalCBE log report throws an exception when clicking on a charttodjo06@ca.comLow
On track228964normalLogic for deregistering all items/relationships of an MDR at test federating CMDBleonard.richardson@ca.comMedium
COMPLETE229102normal"Under IE: GraphResponseViewer is not showing any data under ""Records:templateID,MDRId,localId"""martin.simmonds@ca.comLow
On track229109normal"Under IE: Problems with Register/DeRegister Configuration items"leonard.richardson@ca.comLow
On track229497normalExceptions when displaying record detailsmartin.simmonds@ca.comMedium
COMPLETE230454 (new)maj Exception when trying to generate a log report todjo06@ca.com
COMPLETE232149 (new)criItems are not displayed when viewing a query with relatio... martin.simmonds@ca.com
COMPLETE234389 (new)criProblem under IE with GraphResponseViewer Record Details martin.simmonds@ca.com
COMPLETE235144 (new)criUI issues registration requests with an invalid MdrId sleeloy@ca.ibm.com

Cleanup -bugs that will help meet 1.0 release guidelines and help cleanup code

At risk229800enhancementProvide DOJO simple method descriptions for services available in COSMOSsleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium-High

Improve Usability - bugs that will improve existing tooling usabillity

On track224154normalQuery Builder: The property value content is squished in certain reolutionssleeloy@ca.ibm.comLow
COMPLETE221549normalStatus Reponse dialog box useability issuesAli MehreganiLow
COMPLETE228270normalFull/Partial registration/derationstration dialog boxes should display icons of mdrsAli MehreganiLow
On track228269normalHave a consistent layout for dialog boxesmartin.simmonds@ca.comLow
Not containable (233690)222709 (new)normalQueryBuilder should populate the MdrIDsleeloy@ca.ibm.comLow
COMPLETE230439 (new)normalShould provide an option to refresh the querysleeloy@ca.ibm.comLow
COMPLETE229076normalNeed predefined queries for SML and test federating CMDBsleeloy@ca.ibm.comLow
On track224173enhancementDialog Box: Press escape should close dialog boxmartin.simmonds@ca.comLow
Not containable(need to upgrade to dojo 1.1)224169enhancementAbility to resize dialog box.martin.simmonds@ca.comMedium
Not containable(need to upgrade to dojo 1.1)223241enhancementFull screen mode toolbar buttonsleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium
At risk224166 (future?)enhancementImprove the Graph Response Viewer ViewAli MehreganiHigh (3.5)
COMPLETE224172 enhancementImprove registratoin/deregistration response dialog boxAli MehreganiHigh (1.5)
On track228268 (future?)enhancementProvide icons for dialog box throughtout the uimartin.simmonds@ca.comLow
Not containable229083 (future?)enhancementPredefined queries with parameterssleeloy@ca.ibm.comLow

Improve Tooling - enhancements that will provide additional tooling to manage visualize and query MDRs

COMPLETE223271enhancementNeed ability to rename saved queriessleeloy@ca.ibm.comHigh
COMPLETE223270 design docenhancementNeed ability to manage queriessleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium-High
Not containable230405 (future?)Create a Report based on CMDBf informationsleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium
COMPLETE229081 enhancementAllow a way to bypass query buildersleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium
At risk222504 (future?)enhancementUI cannot show the query requestsleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium
Not containable211093 (future?)enhancementCustom visualization for example MDRsleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium
On Track234379 enhancementProvide the ability to luanch COSMOSUI in eclipse workbenchsleeloy@ca.ibm.comMedium


i10 open Data Visualization bugs

Resource Modeling bugzilla status (David Whiteman)

The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Not started

An asterisk (*) indicates the defect will be addressed during the test cycle and the fix will be attached to the defect as a patch.

JUnit test failures:

Status Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
At risk* 228223 major Ali Mehregani Data center sample validation errors - TestPluginMainValidator failures Low-Medium
At risk 200423 normal Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com JUnit test TestSMLModelUnits.testRuleInvalidBinding failure Low

Spec completeness:

Status Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
At risk 229890 major Mark McCraw Locating SML documents remotely Low


Status Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
At risk 221409 major Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Identifying definition content type fails when WTP is installed Low
COMPLETE 199164 normal Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Opening non-workspace SML-IF file does not open in SML-IF editor Low
At risk 185391 major Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Export SMLIF wizard > ruleBindings page shows no documents Low
COMPLETE 177263 normal Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Issues with importing from an SMLIF document Low

Code cleanup:

Status Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
COMPLETE 232078 Normal David Whiteman Properly indicate internal and provisional APIs Low
At risk* 218814 normal Ali Mehregani Reduce dependencies for SML MDR Low

Management Enablement bugzilla status (Jason Losh)


The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Not started

Release 1.0 requirements:

Status Bug # Severity Description Owner Sizing
COMPLETE 229962 normal Properly indicate internal and provisional APIs Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low


Status Bug # Severity Description Owner Sizing
COMPLETE 231605 normal CDATA sections not supported for registration requests Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low
COMPLETE 229322 normal Problems with WSDL generated for query service by toolkit Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low
COMPLETE 229329 normal Package name of registration service generated by toolkit incorrect Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low
COMPLETE 229169 normal MDR configuration page should include the text Name instead of Generated class name Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low


Status Bug # Severity Description Owner Sizing
On track 220639 enhancement Provide integration with Run on Server to launch web UI in Eclipse web browser Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Medium (David + Sheldon)
COMPLETE 228877 normal Update data manager toolkit to use example query handler instead of overriding getQueryOperation Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low
On track 224079 enhancement Implement logging subsystem Hubert Leung Med/High
At risk 216332 enhancement Complete design for COSMOS Security - phase 2, awaiting Higgins meeting with Toni Nadalin Jimmy Mohsin Medium
At risk 220594 enhancement Provide contextual help for toolkit UI Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low
WONTFIX 224214 normal Toolkit only supports Eclipse 3.4 currently Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Low

SDD Work:

Status Bug # Severity Description Owner Sizing
On track 230808 enhancement Design document for SDD runtime Jason Losh Medium
At risk 229088 enhancement Create initial SDD runtime framework for COSMOS installation Jason Losh High
On track 229390 enhancement Tool to generate an SDD describing software being built Eric Rose High


Status Bug # Severity Description Owner Sizing
At risk 230282 enhancement Create JUnit test for running & querying projects built from toolkit Dlwhiteman.us.ibm.com Medium

RE/Build team status (Saurabh Dravid)


The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Not started

Status Enhancement Blocked by (if applicable) Owner Description
On track 215135 Bobby Joseph Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build
COMPLETE 215610 Leonard Richardson Maintain update site for COSMOS plugins
On track 216630 Jagmit Singh Build needs to automate check for legal problems
Not Started 216771 Leonard Richardson Re-evaluate the packaging structure of COSMOS driver
COMPLETE 228740 Jagmit Singh Change COSMOS SDK content
COMPLETE 228693 Jagmit Singh Manifests have improper plugin name and plugin provider values
Not Started 216655 Jagmit Singh Generate Build Verification Test (BVT) reports
Not Started 229819 Jagmit Singh include Framework test cases in the test report
COMPLETE 229184 Jagmit Singh Indicate WTP as a dependency for COSMOS Toolkit (SDK)
COMPLETE 216223 Saurabh Dravid CVS History report does not capture activities of all subprojects
COMPLETE 233014 Saurabh Dravid CLI jar missing message.properties file
COMPLETE 225815 Jagmit Singh COSMOSReportViewer contains addtitional xerces jars
COMPLETE 229176 Jagmit Singh Update eclipse platform dependency link

Defects (blocker, critical, P1) (to be filled in by the lead)

Status Enhancement Blocked by (if applicable) Owner Description

QA status (Srinivas Reddy Doma)

QA Status :

  • End2End Demo tests - Smoke test is fine. Found following issues:
    • configDemo.bat -> Failed to install broker database.
    • StatDataManager -> Exception occurred while trying to invoke service method getDatasourceKeysets
    • COSMOSUI, Rename Query is not working

Status Bug# Severity Description Owner Remarks
Completed 232764 enhancement Document i11 QA activites domsr01@ca.com None
OnTrack 233436 enhancement Define and document COSMOS QA End2End Test cases domsr01@ca.com None

Bug's Verification:

Status Bug # Severity Description Owner Remarks
Verified 229591 enhancement COSMOS CLI : broker registerAllDataManagers always registers on default port 8080 domsr01@ca.com None

Web/Documentation (Rich Vasconi)


  • Web
  • Doc
  • Documentation for i11
  • Future Document Enhancements

The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Not started

Web Components

Status Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
On track 182603 normal Don Ebright Data Collection Architecture information needed for Website Med
On track 197133 normal Rich Vasconi Docs should be linked from main COSMOS site Med
On track 197652 normal Rich Vasconi Clean up documentation links b/t Wiki and homepage Med
On track 202332 major Ali Mehregani Need a viewlet version of the COSMOS demo Low

Doc Components

Status Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
On track Depends on bug 229426 222574 normal Paul Stratton Write COSMOS Logging and Messaging Low
TBD 235636 normal Dravid Saurabh Document the installation of COSMOS as it exist today Med

User's Guide and Development Guide Documentation Status for i11

Status Enhancement Severity Owner Description Sizing
On track 218825 enhancement vasconi@us.ibm.com COSMOS User's Guide development Med
At risk, need input by June 6th 218828 enhancement weitzelm@us.ibm.com COSMOS User's Guide Overview development High
COMPLETE 218830 enhancement weitzelm@us.ibm.com Write COSMOS User's Guide Prerequisites High
COMPLETE 218849 enhancement william.muldoon@ca.com Write Introduction to CMDBf section for COSMOS User's Guide
COMPLETE 219120 enhancement hkyleung@ca.ibm.com Write Running the Example section for the COSMOS User's Guide Use info in COSMOS Demo i11
At risk, need input by June 6th 219138 enhancement weitzelm@us.ibm.com Write Overview section for COSMOS Development Guide High
COMPLETE 219141 enhancement hkyleung@ca.ibm.com Write Constructing a Data Manager section in COSMOS Development Guide Low
COMPLETE 219143 enhancement sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Write Extending the Web User Interface Framework section in COSMOS Development Guide
COMPLETE 223084 enhancement Mark Weitzel Write COSMOS Limitation and Restrictions section for User's Guide Information moved to release notes

Future Document Enhancements

Bug # Severity Owner Description Sizing
216655 enhancement vasconi@us.ibm.com Include Javadoc in online Eclipse help.Plug-in needed. Future
219117 enhancement jason.losh@sas.com Write Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) section for COSOMS User's Guide low
219130 enhancement Mark Weitzel Approve COSMOS Development Guide for GA Future
219144 enhancement Joel Hawkins Write Management Enablement section in COSMOS Development Guide Future
219148 enhancement bsubram@us.ibm.com Write the WSDM Tooling section in COSMOS Development Guide Future
219154 enhancement Jimmy Mohsin Write Internationalization section in COSMOS Development Guide Future
219156 enhancement Paul Stratton Write COSMOS Installation Guide Future
225817 normal Mark Weitzel New overview of COSMOS needed on web site Future
235398 normal Rich Vasconi Update COSMOS Team Committers page Future


Report on plugins missing about.html