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COSMOS 1.1GA Announce


COSMOS 1.1 is NOW available

At a glance

COSMOS 1.1 provides the following new features and improvements:

  • SDD support
    Tools and runtimes that provide support for the Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) standard on OASIS. SDD support was previously in research status, but is now fully available in COSMOS 1.1. Included are the following features:
    • A build time generator (BTG) that generates SDDs from many sources such as other SDDs, SDD fragments, or RPM packages. The BTG will generate conformance level one SDDs.
    • A runtime driver to deploy solutions described in SDD documents. With this driver, one can run the example COSMOS SDD through the runtime to install the COSMOS payload. One can also create additional example SDDs either by hand or by using the Build Time Generator and process those with the runtime driver. Adopters can extend this runtime with custom resource handlers as well -- see the COSMOS Developer Guide for details. In addition, a command line interface is provided for gathering user parameters as part of the installation interview process.
  • SML support
    • Tools that support systems management data conforming to the Service Modeling Language (SML) and SML-Interchange Format (SML-IF) standards, version 1.1, including SML and SML-IF document validation, SML-IF editing, import of SML-IF documents and export to SML-IF documents. SML support was previously in research status, but is now fully available in COSMOS 1.1. This release includes numerous defect fixes to bring the tools into compliance with the SML 1.1 specification.
  • CMDBf 1.0 support and infrastructure

For a list of features that were included with the COSMOS 1.0 release, please read the previous announcement.


Download COSMOS 1.1 here.

As always, we welcome your participation and feedback via Newsgroup.gif and Mailinglist.gif, and also hope you will take the time to report bugs and feature requests via Bugzilla.


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