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Meeting Title: COSMOS Community Monthly Summit
Date & Time: Friday, June 13, 2008 and Friday, June 20, 2008

8:30 am EST - 12:30 pm EST

Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (866) 245.5059
Primary International Dial-in: 416-343-2607
T/L Dial-in: 310-2607
Passcode: 3761942#
Minutes Meeting minutes are on the Talk Page


Summit meeting part 1 (June 13)

  • is the iteration driver ready for QA to test?
  • update on the DOJO situation (Sheldon)
  • Artifacts in COSMOS that could be leveraged by an adopter to support an Information Model (Jimmy Mohsin)
    • Review the current state / scope of the SML offerings in COSMOS 1.0
    • Considerations for building a reference implementation in COSMOMS for a CML-consortium driven Information Model. This reference implementation will demonstrate SML in COSMOS
    • Next logical steps in regards to SML / CML in COSMOS 1.x and beyond
  • Security Requirements review for COSMOS 1.0 (Paul Stratton)
    • Detail CA Security requirements
    • Solicit Security requirements from the community
  • Logging strategy: one central log, or one log per COSMOS component (David/Hubert/Bill/Martin)
  • Review the use cases and identify which ones need updating and if any use case needs to be reassigned to a new owner. For Summit part 2 review the use cases with Mark. No new use cases will be added during Summit 1. Go over current Use Cases

Summit meeting part 2 (June 20)

  • include in the i12 plan performance and stress testing
  • review the use cases with Mark. Add new use cases if necessary.
  • Plan i12

Removed from the Summit agenda:

  • Review first draft of the slides for the release review for COSMOS V0.9 Zip of PPT first draft Note that these slides will not be ready for review until the day of the summit. Expect frequent change. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • Question about whether Eclipse supports JDK 1.6 (David Whiteman)

Action items

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