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Minutes for 2/11/09 Community call

Att: Saurabh Jason David Ruth

Agenda (Feb 11, 2009)


  • Ruth to update the release page to correct the iteration 2 test link to point to iteration 2 instead of iteration 1
  • Ruth to send the announce with the link to the driver, link to the build reports, link to the test page
  • Ruth to add a category at the bottom of the wiki page to make it easy to navigate between the different iterations plans. Also add a link to the release plan.
  • Jason to move the Defer to the iteration 3 plan - DONE
  • Saurabh to report on the status of the TPTP JUnits by EOD tomorrow
  • people to put an explicit remark in the i2 test pass status page saying that they have checked the bullets on the team lead checklist and confirm that everything is okay
  • Jason to put question about JAXB in the IPZilla - DONE

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