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Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits

Here are some minutes that Doug collected over the week. Feel free to add or correct.

  • Ganymede plan
    • Ganymede will be CDT 5.0
    • Intent to define CDT APIs
      • Some many need to be changed to be good APIs
      • Likely need one more round before freezing (i.e. CDT 6.0)
  • Switch the default gdb integration to DSF GDM/MI
    • Make it available as an optional feature (Pawel)
    • Make the CDI/MI optional feature (Doug)
    • Revisit in January which one to include in default CDT packages.
      • Needs to be as functional and good quality by Ganymede.
  • Make DSF co-resident in CDT (Mikhail K and Pawel)
    • With a clean UI
  • GNU toolchain integration in a optional feature (Doug)
    • At least in the UI (still lots of deep hooks in the core for gcc/gdb)
  • Specify which supported toolchains/platforms (Doug)
    • What to do with the bugs
      • Find a way to mark it as an unsupported bug without shutting the door
      • New keyword? Move to enhancement or WONTFIX
  • Extension point for breakpoint creation (Pawel)
    • To support non CDT breakpoints on C Resources
  • Better way to hook up debuggers to toolchains (Doug & Mikhail S)
  • Should we move to subversion?
    • No compelling reason, plug-ins not mature yet
    • So, the answer is not now, but we will keep an eye on it for the future.
  • API Management
    • Provisional APIs
    • Visible in packages
    • Move internal to internal
    • Deprecate non API in public packages
    • Document – API contract
    • APIs Guidelines – Jeem

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