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September 6th, 2016


  1. Phil Mason (Broadcom)
  2. Alvaro Sanchez-Leon (Ericsson)
  3. Marc-Andre Laperle (Ericsson)
  4. Marc Dumais (Ericsson)
  5. Tracy Miranda (Kichwa Coders)
  6. Jonah Graham (Kichwa Coders)
  7. Tim Orling (Intel)
  8. Mikhail Khodjaiants (Mentor)
  9. Doug Schaefer (QNX)
  10. Jeff Johnston (RedHat)
  11. William Riley (Renesas)
  12. Marc Khouzam (Ericsson)


  • CDT 9.1 release
    • We're in good shape.
    • Testing (mostly debug) documented here
    • Nice set of features described in N&N
    • Opinions on new C/C++ Project Wizard?
      • Looks nicer and more modern
    • Experimental LLDB integration using GDB's integration and MI
  • CDT Summit planning (Ottawa, September 20th, 2016)
    • 11 attendees signed-up
    • Agenda with many topics
  • CDT Summit planning (EclipseCon Europe, October 24th, 2016)
    • Will include a sponsored dinner. Thank you Renesas!
    • Agenda starting to show good content
  • Plan to move org.eclipse.remote to the TM project
  • Full console update
    • Patches have been committed to master
    • Upcoming GDB 7.12 required. Should be available in September
    • Demo was given
    • Main visible change is that any GDB session (old or new) will now be shown in new "Debugger Console" view
  • Terminal console should probably also have its own view
  • After the call, some people stayed to get an EGerrit demo
    • Ability to do a review in Eclipse with navigation, compilation, javadoc, etc
    • Ability to write comments in the compare editor
    • Ability to look at comments on the left side while editing code on the right side! (choose 'Workspace' for the right)

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