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Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits

CDT Summit at EclipseCon Europe 2016

The inaugural C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) & Related Tools Summit was held at EclipseCon Europe 2016 in Ludwigsburg, Germany on Monday October 24th, 2016. This was a gathering of CDT users and extenders, as well as members of the larger Eclipse ecosystem, getting together to collaborate and drive the future direction of the CDT project.

Please see below for minutes.





  • Tracy kicked off the summit & welcomed attendees
    • Around 20 attendees, with a core group of 14
  • Doug demo'ed the new build system as well as the Launch Bar
  • Showcase - attendees gave demos of their CDT & related projects
    • Amalthea/APP4MC -Harald Mackamul
      • Overview of the tools from Bosch for many and multicore systems
    • Renesas e2studio - William Riley
      • Including debug gutter, pin mapping editor, nice embedded help/docs
    • IAR Embedded Workbench - Jesper Eskilson/Mario Pierro
      • Including statement highlighting/stepping, cstat static analyser tooling
    • Etas ESDL Asket7 - Andreas Rytiva/Yen Mai Hai
      • Including generation of c code from graphical blocks & high level language
    • CrossCore Embedded Studio - Andrew McLachlan/Beatrice He
      • Including heteregenous debugging, gdb integration with openocd emulator, qemu simulator
  • What's New In CDT
    • Jonah demo'ed new features like gdb console, memory view, parameter guessing


  • Lunch
    • Nice ECE lunch with all the other unconference attendees from Platform, OpenPASS, Science, IoT groups, etc


  • New Project Wizard
    • Doug gave a demo of the features of the new project wizard
    • Some discussion on project templates
  • Contributing To CDT
    • Jonah gave an overview of what is involved making contributions to CDT e.g. gerrit, build flows
  • Launch Targets
    • Doug gave an overview of the launch targets & how one could go about extending them
  • Indexer/Parser extensibility
    • Some discussion on lack of extensibility of parser for IAR's usecases
  • Eclipse Che for C/C++ development
    • Brad Micklea gave an overview of Che development with C/C++ stacks, gdb
    • Samsung are using for their Artik IDE for IoT
  • Multi-core breakpoints
    • Tracy gave an overview of goals & status of multi-core breakpoints enhancements
    • Some interest from community, need to revive working group
  • Python Scripting
    • Tracy gave a demo of EASE & Python support for automating workbench & writing macros
    • Renesas to try EASE for new project wizard templating


  • Meet & Greet at Nestor Bar
    • Onto the bar for drinks with the whole Eclipse family, especially to welcome the first-timers
    • The bar could not keep up, an OutOfBeerException bugzilla was eventually submitted

19:00 onwards

  • CDT Dinner
    • 16 attendees made it to the CDT dinner at Kubus
    • Great to get to know each other and thanks to Renesas for sponsoring!
    • General consensus: we definitely should keep meeting like this, see you next year!

Cdtsummit ece 2016.jpg

Attendees List

  1. Doug Schaefer (QNX)
  2. Jonah Graham (Kichwa Coders)
  3. Tracy Miranda (Kichwa Coders)
  4. William Riley (Renesas)
  5. Mark Goodchild (Renesas)
  6. Gaël Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation)
  7. Andrew McLachlan (Analog Devices)
  8. Beatrice He (Analog Devices)
  9. Jesper Eskilson (IAR Systems)
  10. Mario Pierro (IAR Systems)
  11. Florent Vion (STMicroelectronics)
  12. Julien Dehault (STMicroelectronics)
  13. Andreas Rytiva (ETAS)
  14. Yen Mai Hai (ETAS)


Monday October 24th 2016, Ludwigsburg, Germany, located at EclipseCon Europe, Forum am Schlosspark

Room: Wilhelm-Krämer-Zimmer Registration from 8:00am, talks from 9:00am


Attendees please add your name to the list below and register for the Unconference:

  1. If you are registering for the full conference, choose the Unconference as an additional item when you register.
  2. If you are attending the Unconference by itself, choose "Unconference only" when registering.

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