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CBI/Feb7 2012



  • February 7, 2012, 10am EST
  • Eclipse Conference facility


Andrew R., Igor F., Markus K., Kim M., Paul W.

Regrets: David W., Wayne B.

Not on agenda, still being tracked as work left to do

 a) Platform specific code swt & launchers (Bug 370704)
 b) Do not generate new version qualifier unless there are actual code changes (Bug 367581)
 c) Isolate CBI platform build from uncontrolled software sources (Bug 369002)
 d) unexpected contents in sources bundles(Bug 370124)
 e) reproducible build version qualifiers (Bug 370707)
 f) Provide orbit bundles via.
 d) API Analysis 
 e) Junit tests
 f) Which execution environments will CBI build & test against


Step through LTS-ready definition as captured here

  • Details added to define suitably configured system as follows: git >= 1.7, java >= 1.6, maven 3.03. Agreement that an Eclipse SDK install is not needed for the CBI build.
  • Brief discussion of deterministic given the same code and dependencies (aka. third party libraries). Agreement that so long as dependencies are pulled from a controlled source (as per item listed as number 9 currently), this should be so.
  • Added test section based on Markus' request. We could use a little input on it to make sure it is sufficient.


Briefly discussed signing as per Bug 369798. More discussion and work is needed here. We'll revisit this.

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