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Babel / Server Tool Admin Guide

The server at runs the typical LAMP stack -- Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

To manage the server, committers must SSH to using their committer account, then SSH into using a local Babel account.

Most of the daily work is done by the 'genie' account. Her home directory looks like this:

  • backups/: directory that contains backup files from the deployment process
  • launched from cron, this backs up Babel content
  • launched from cron, this performs database maintenance
  • Main Babel deployment script. See:
  • launched from cron, this regularly imports Bugzilla email addresses for accounts
  • max_userid.txt: this file is used to determine if new Bugzilla accounts are used.
  • this script builds the language packs from the live database, and publishes them to
  • as above, but build language packs from the staging database

See also:


The MySQL database server on only contains an old snapshot of the Babel database. The server tool uses another physical server for database.

Please ask the Eclipse Webmasters if you need to perform maintenance on the databases.

Web Server

Use the rcapache2 command (as root) to manage the Apache web service.

   rcapache2 configtest
   rcapache2 restart

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