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Babel / Server Background jobs

The Babel server running at runs a number of jobs. All jobs are run from a plain user account which is not the Apache user.

*This job initiates the maps processor, which crawls Eclipse CVS and searches for new English strings:
**36 21 * * * wget
*This job produces our Nightly build. It essentially calls 'php5 path/to/generate1.php', and uses rsync to upload the language packs to servers.
**34 4 * * 1-6 ~/
*Same job as above, but this is the weekly build.  It is uploaded to
**34 4 * * 0 ~/ W
* This job essentually calls php5 path/to/dbmaintenance_15min.php
** */15 * * * * ~/ > /dev/null

# Generate language packs, rsync to
cd /path/to/babel/classes/export/
php5 generate1.php
# The language packs are generated, and now the Eclipse specific part begins, rsyncing to the downloads server.
cd /home/babel-working/live/output
rsync -av --delete -e ssh *
# Produce weekly content
if [ "$1" = "W" ]; then
        sed -e 's/<site>/<site
europa/site.xml > europa/site2.xml; mv -f europa/site2.xml europa/site.xml
        sed -e 's/<site>/<site
ganymede/site.xml > ganymede/site2.xml; mv -f ganymede/site2.xml
        rsync -av --delete -e ssh *

# Do the maintenance of the db, you may force the regeneration of the scorebard by entering the --force argument.
if [ "$1" = "--force" ]; then
  export FORCE_BABEL_REFRESH=true 
cd /var/www/babel/server/classes/export/
php5 dbmaintenance_15min.php

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