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BaSyx / Reference Users


The aim of this project is to provide support for end-to-end data usage in the context of Industrie 4.0. In the field of product development, so-called Product Lifecycle Management systems (PLM systems) have become established. A PLM system contains data such as bills of materials, CAD models, and simulation models. A majority of this data is generated during product development and can then be used in the subsequent production by the BaSys 4 middleware. Conversely, production data collected by the BaSys 4 middleware can be transferred into the PLM system. This allows the production data to be linked with other data from the entire product lifecycle and to be used, for example, for continuous product improvement. In order to enable data exchange between these two IT systems, a software interface for linking a PLM system with the BaSys 4 middleware is being developed within the scope of this project. Fraunhofer IESE is collaborating with CONTACT Software GmbH in Bremen in this project.


The aim of BaSys4Dash is to extend the BaSys 4 reference architecture with semi-automated decision support on the basis of dashboards and to evaluate this in two usage scenarios. The planned dashboard is a software component for mobile devices that is to be understood as a graphical user interface and serves to provide configurable visualization and data aggregation. To control the dashboard, corresponding microservices for data evaluations will be implemented in the BaSys 4 middleware. In addition, guidelines will be drawn up describing the usage possibilities of the dashboard for other use cases as well. The project is managed by FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen; the project partners are the Chair of Process Control Engineering at RWTH Aachen, Heinen Automation GmbH & Co. KG, and PH-MECHANIK GmbH & Co. KG.


Asset Administration Shells in the global production network! In the project BaSys4SupplyQ, BaSys4 will demonstrate its extensive usage possibilities. On the one hand, the use of BaSys4 improves competitiveness and performance by increasing collaboration and transparency in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and its extension at the network level. In addition, the management of information about calibration and product quality data is facilitated throughout the entire product lifecycle. Finally, the use of BaSys 4 enables new data-driven business models: for example, a digital calibration certificate management system with automated recalibration or a customer-specific quality data portal with automated analysis. In this project, Fraunhofer IESE collaborates with HPO Häfner Präzisionsteile Oberrot GmbH, Pickert & Partner GmbH, and the wbk Institute of Production Science of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).


This project led by iba AG in Fürth is about the efficient collection and use of operational data through administrative asset shells for the basic system Industrie 4.0. With the solution to be developed in the project, the operational data of local embedded systems will be collected, preprocessed, and transmitted via a data provision service. Based on the technology, the reference implementation, and particularly the software provided by BaSys 4, additional software components that are compatible with BaSys 4 are to be developed in this project. These include a data collection and escalation service as well as a freely configurable mobile dashboard as an app for mobile devices. The dashboard can be used to visualize and monitor the data and key values, and to manage escalation and alert rules in the event of technical failures of the production facility. The research partner is the German Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrücken, the application partner is Eyeled GmbH in Saarbrücken.


In the project DigiPro4BaSys, the machines and systems of the application partners Lohmann Druck GmbH and WICO Textilbeschichtung und -kaschierung GmbH will be connected to the BaSys middleware via the secure IoT edge gateway ARENDAR. With the help of administrative asset shells and associated sub-models, process images will be generated and visualized via dashboards. These dashboards enable a central, up-to-date overview of production and display production-relevant information at the corresponding systems themselves, or, in another view for management, an overview of all systems and their allocation. The aims to be achieved in this manner include improvement of product quality, increased efficiency in production, and optimization of the value stream. In addition to Fraunhofer IESE, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern is another project partner; the project is managed by Arend Prozessautomation GmbH.


The aim of the project "BaSys 4.0 for Mobile Robots" is to explore the capacbilities of BaSys 4.0 for the distributed control of mobile robots and their sensors and actuator devices in combination with high-level robotic algorithms. The following partners are involved:

One of the main goals is to develop a hierarchical control architecture with BaSys 4.0 Methods to allow the easy exchange and scaling of robotics devices and applications. As a demonstration, the available mobile robots from Götting KG and Nanotec GmbH will be controlled by localization and navigation modules from Gestalt Robotics GmbH via the Virtual Automation Bus. Therefor, Asset Administration Shells and Submodels for all relevant components will be definded and implemented and application dependent recipes will be created and executed.

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