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BaSyx / Introductory Examples / Java / Example Heater

Heater stub

This stub code realizes an interface to an oven and a dummy implementation for the example code that can be executed without any hardware.

The heater interface defines common interface functions to control the oven.

 * The heater enables controlling of the oven
public interface IHeater {
	public void activate();
	public void deactivate();
	public boolean isActive();

The heater stub is used during the example.

Heater Code

 * Simple heater with two states: activated or deactivated
public class Heater implements IHeater {
	private boolean isActive = false;
	public void activate() {
		if (!isActive) {
			System.out.println("Heater: activated");
			isActive = true;
	public void deactivate() {
		if (isActive) {
			System.out.println("Heater: deactivated");
			isActive = false;
	public boolean isActive() {
		return isActive;

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