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Context Configuration

By default, each Java Off-the-Shelf component starts an HTTP server providing its functionality. The configuration for the servlet can be modified within its file. Here is an example showing the default configuration for the AASServer component:


Here is an example showing the default configuration for the registry component:


With the second configuration, the registry component can be accessed at:


Note, that the port 4000 relates to the contextPort in the .properties file and the root path '/registry' is equal to the given contextPath. For docker components, the file can be mounted inside of the container using a volume during container startup. E.g., to run the registry component with custom context configuration, use

docker run --name=registry -p 8082:4000 -v C:/tmp:/usr/share/config eclipsebasyx/aas-registry:latest

The file has to be located in C:/tmp in this example.

In order to change the context configuration when directly starting the component from a component's Java executable, you can specifiy the configuration file path via the BASYX_CONTEXT parameter. See the following example with the registry:

java -jar -DBASYX_CONTEXT="C:/tmp/" registry.jar

Note that for docker components, the context port is the container's internal port. A set container port can be mapped to any host port. In the example above, the internal port 4000, given by the context configuration with contextPort, is mapped to the host port 8082. Therefore on the host machine, the registry will be accessible at:


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