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AAS Server Integration

As AAS Components user

I want to interact with the AAS Server Component through a graphical user interface

The AAS Web UI can act as a user interface to the AAS Server. It is possible to use the features of the AAS Server through the AAS Web UI.

Feature Overview

Through the AAS Server Integration it is possible to upload Asset Administration Shell Files (AASX) to the AAS Server. A complete feature overview for the AAS Server Component can be found here.

Furthermore, the AAS Server will automatically register uploaded AAS and Submodels.

Feature Configuration

The AAS Server Integration can be configured in the main menu of the AAS Web UI under the text field to connect to an AAS Registry. The configuration is done by entering the URL of the AAS Server and the port of the AAS Server.

e.g. http://localhost:8081/aasServer

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