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Architecture Council/Meetings/June 11 2015

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday June 11, 2015 at 1500 UTC / 0800 SFO / 1100 Ottawa / 1600 London / 1700 Berlin attention DST change
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Dial-in: Let's use the Foundation's Asterisk setup for this call:
  • North America (toll free) 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany (local call anywhere in Germany) 49-692-2224-6059
  • France (local call anywhere in France) 33-17-070-8535
  • Switzerland (local call anywhere in Switzerland) +41-44-580-2115
  • Spain, Sweden, others - see Asterisk/Numbers

Participant conference extension: 701 then enter pin: 51968

  • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 51968.


All AC Members are invited.

  • PMC Reps please confirm attendance or list your delegate below. Every PMC is required to name a primary and backup delegate, and to ensure that one delegate attends the meeting.
BIRT: Wenfeng Li Wenbin He
DTP: Brian Payton Linda Chan
Eclipse: Mike Wilson John Arthorne
Modeling: Ed Merks Cédric Brun
Eike Stepper
Mylyn: Steffen Pingel Mik Kersten
RT: Christian Campo Tom Watson
Doug Clarke
Ian Bull
SOA: Adrian Mos Marc Dutoo
Technology: Gunnar Wagenknecht Wayne Beaton
Tools: Doug Schaefer
WTP: Chuck Bridgham Neil Hauge

All Attendees

  • Regrets: Marcel Bruch, Martin Lippert
  • Wayne Beaton, Benjamin Cabe, Jonas Helming, Alex Kurtakov, Konstantin Kommisarchik, Maximilian Kögel, Dani Megert, Martin O, Pascal Rapicault, Denis Roy, Doug Schaefer, Michael Scharf, Eike Stepper, Krum Tsvetkov, Lars Vogel

Agenda / Notes

  • Feel free to edit, but not during the call!

Review of Last Meeting

Welcome New Members

  • Aleksandar Kurtakov, Red Hat
    • Eclipse Product for RHEL containing a number of components from the Release Train; deeply involved in SWT, leading Linux Tools
  • Daniel Megert, IBM
    • Leading the Platform, JDT (and partially PDE) components, member of the Platform PMC and representing at the Planning Council
    • Main interest in UI Design, Software Quality,
  • Lars Vogel, Vogella
    • Co-Lead for Platform/UI and e4; main interest making Eclipse better, simpler and more open, want to involve more peopl
  • Pascal Rapicault, Rapicorp
    • Small consulting company (Rapicorp), p2 Lead; Tycho, PDE Build, Oomph; now on eGerrit with Ericsson; helping companies move to Eclipse
    • Interest trying to make sure that Eclipse keeps getting improved
  • New AC members who couldn't make it today:
    • Sébastien Gérard, CEA List
    • Remi Schnekenburger, CEA List
    • Martin Lippert, Pivotal
    • Matthias Sohn, SAP

New Topics

  • Feel free to fill in, but not during the meeting :)
  • Benjamin: IOT Membership
    • There's currently no Rep of the IOT PMC
    • Nominate Julien (leading the Legend Project) to become a member of the AC
    • He should be a PMC member, so Wayne recommends nominating him to IOT PMC
  • Pascal: Locationtech Members ?
    • Working Groups don't currently get a seat (but that could be changed)
    • Wayne has been working with Locationtech to identify members;
    • Toplevel projects should definitely send a member, so somebody from Science should certainly be sent
      • AI Wayne reach out to the Science Toplevel Group (though some of them are quite new...)
  • Interest in extending Membership to Working Groups
    • Would be a Bylaw Change ... today, we have 7 Working Groups (IOT, Science, Polarsys, Automotive, OpenMDM, LTS)
    • If it's a toplevel project already, membership is already there ... should try to figure out how to represent the remaining two
  • What are the topics to be discussed ?
    • Very Open Ended; especially if somebody is interested enough to invest a couple hours into kicking off some initiative
    • Except for topics that would be in the Planning Council's Agenda
    • Standing topic: Evangelism (as per the last meeting)
    • Standing topic: Highlight a Great Contributor ("Employee of the Month" designation)
    • Standing topic: Vision for the Eclipse Platform
    • Information exchange - news from the Board, PMCs, projects
    • Information exchange - interesting topics from conferences, ...
  • Pascal: Information exchange among committers
    • Could we have a place to ask questions among committers? Could we extend the user/committer list so something greater ?
      • For example: Could you point me to code that does X ? - There's lots of duplicated code ...
      • For example: What graphical components exist? SWT, NatTable, Genchart, ...
      • Target Audience: Especially for new coders, potential future committers ...
    • Wayne: cross-projects is an opt-in list so a little
      • But we currently seem to under-use
      • Denis: Would like to spark a discussion on e.o-committers, but then also suggest another channel for others to opt in
    • Lars, Martin: Just put an "eclipse" tag and ask on StackOverflow ?
      • StackOverflow is great for specific questions; not so good for initiating conversations between committers / contributors
        • StackOverflow could at least be a good starting point ("whom to ask")
        • Konstantin: Such questions would be closed as not fitting the format of SO. One key rule on SO is that questions are stand-alone, so no references to outside answers, resources, etc. unless these references are auxiliary to your answer and it can be understood as a solution to the question regardless.
      • Some of the channels (like Forums) are really bad on a mobile device
      • Konstantin: Been active on StackOverflow for a while ... it's good for asking technical questions, but not so good for getting contacts
        • There's no Facebook Groups related to our Eclipse now ...
        • What about Google Groups ?
      • Bottomline: We need to define a tag ... and then see how it flies
        • AI Pascal Open a bug for further discussion
  • Wayne: What is cool and hot in mars that we need to talk more about?
    • Error Reporting; Eclipse Installer;
    • UI Freeze Monitoring (when are the stacks taken? -- Preference: UI Responsiveness)
    • Perspective Saving (together with Oomph per-user Preferences) would be cool (but Dani says this doesn't work yet though a Patch is available)
    • Anything from Greatfixes ?
    • CDT's standalone debugger RCP
    • Papyrus improvements
    • Marketplace Improvements (multi-solution-version)
  • Great Contributor for this month ?
    • Lars: Should also highlight who's doing Code Reviews (that's also a very important contribution!)
    • Would like some numbers / statistics on that - AI Denis could that be retrieved from Gerrit / Github ?

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