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Architecture Council/Meetings/December 14 2017

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday December 14, 2017 at 1100 Ottawa
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  • In attendance: Mikael Barbero, Wayne Beaton, Stephan Herrmann, Martin Lippert, Dani Megert, Martin O, Torkild Resheim, Michael Scharf, Matthias Sohn, Krum Tsvetkov, Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • Regrets: Jay Jay Billings, Mickael Istria, Maximilian Kögel, Alex Kurtakov, Alexander Nyßen, Denis Roy, Eike Stepper
  • No-Show: Carl Anderson, Max Andersen, Chris Aniszczyk, John Arthorne, Mélanie Bats, Nick Boldt, Marcel Bruch, Ian Bull, Benjamin Cabé, Christian Campo, Linda Chan, Naci Dai, Sebastien Gerard, Neil Hauge, Jonas Helming, Jim Hughes, Kenn Hussey, Tyler Jewell, Markus Knauer, Konstantin Kommissarchik, Benoit Langlois, Ed Merks, Mike Milinkovich, Tracy Miranda, Adrian Mos, Steffen Pingel, Pascal Rapicault, Doug Schaefer, Tom Schindl, Julien Vermillard, Lars Vogel, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Tom Watson, Mike Wilson

#PMC_Rep_Attendees see also below.

Agenda / Notes

General Topics

  • Torkild: Eclipse Science Logo (dark blue color is not quite correct, but looks good otherwise)

Welcome Stephan Herrmann

  • Came to Eclipse in 2010, when moving the "ObjectTeams" university project to Eclipse
    • Language based on Java, tooling based on Eclipse; working 3 days dayjob + 2 days at Eclipse
    • Got involved deeper and deeper in Eclipse starting from the command-line compiler, CBI Aggregator, publishing Maven artifacts...

Stephan: Publishing to Maven Central

  • Technical level was discussed last month; but there is also a need for some "coordination" publishing to central, similar to the Release Train
    • How do we fragment the artifacts, what kind of metadata do we want; potentially integrate with the Simrel process?
    • What would be the right Platform for discussing these things?
    • Torkild: Publishing from Mylyn Docs; but these are not p2 artifacts. Some of those have no dependencies
    • Gunnar: Usually, Maven items are built first, and then the Eclipse plugins are built. There is not much sense publishing plugins, fragments... to Maven.
    • Torkild: Some core librararies built using bnd, using the Maven repo to build the p2 repo afterwards.
    • Matthias: Working similarly in JGit.
    • Stepha: XText DSLs are a good example of items to be published to Maven (to use them outside Eclipse)
  • Torkild: There's 2 things to resolve
    1. How to conveniently build Maven stuff at Eclipse
    2. How to publish (Sonatype, Eclipse ...)
  • Stephan: Technical issues can be resolved by the projects, but what about dependencies among the Maven artifacts (groupID, ...), how to ensure that dependencies are published at the same time as the new item?
    • Gunnar: The dependency issue boils down to the technical question of translating dependencies into pom.xml? Buckminster was able to do that, translating Orbit-dependencies into Mvn-Central dependencies which might be different than what we have in Orbit
    • Stephan was working on improving CBI Aggregator to do exactly that; but there is more to it. For example EMF is a core depdnency, but uses its homegrown process for publishing to Central manually ... so ... how to reliably refer to dependencies!!
      • Gunnar: Then this is a motivation issue for projects to get involved with the CBI process...
      • Torkild: Consuming the EMF artifacts in epub; don't know where it comes from, but would like to see some kind of a scheme in place for Eclipse base modules (and, potentially properly signing)
      • Gunnar: For GroupID, we have a pattern bug 288644 (currently REOPENED state, but seems to be the agreed-on pattern)
      • Action Stephan create bug against AC an notify mailing list for opt-in and further discussion (or creating a workgroup for live discussions)

Stephan: CBI Aggregator and its Future

  • Will CBI Aggregator be maintained moving forward, or is there a move towards other build technologies?
    • Recent changes break the aggregator, it's not compatible with latest p2, so some work is needed
    • Action Stephan create bug and cross-post a note to AC and Planning Council (Dani would help sending to in case it doesn't go through
    • Mikael and Fred are aware of the issue but had no time yet for working on the Aggregator (potentially possible in January, but Planning Council should also be made aware)
    • Mickael Istria had made some experiments with Tycho to re-build what CBI Aggregator does today; but at least the "publish to MVN Central" is not

Wayne: Mentors needed for EE4J

  • Mostly EE4J projects (the new toplevel project hosting all JavaEE projects) - first 9 projects moving over now

Dani: AC Chair moving forward

  • Martin will stay on the AC, follow the mailing list and join calls as availability permits, but there isn't currently time for joining as reliably as needed so a new chair stepping up would be appreciated.
  • Thanks Martin for chairing :)

PMC Rep Attendees

All AC Members are invited.

  • PMC Reps please confirm attendance or list your delegate below. Every PMC is required to name a primary and backup delegate, and to ensure that one delegate attends the meeting.
BIRT: Gary Xue
DTP: Brian Payton Linda Chan
Eclipse: Dani Megert Mike Wilson
Modeling: Ed Merks Mélanie Bats
Eike Stepper
Mylyn: Steffen Pingel Mik Kersten
RT: Christian Campo Tom Watson
SOA: Adrian Mos Marc Dutoo
Technology: Gunnar Wagenknecht Wayne Beaton
Tools: Doug Schaefer Alex Kurtakov
WTP: Carl Anderson Neil Hauge
LocationTech: Jim Hughes
IoT: Julien Vermillard

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