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WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-03-01


John L, Chuck B, David W, Nitin D, Amy W, Jess G, Hoy L, Bob F, Konstantin K, Keith C, Tim D, Raghu S, Neil H, Larry D, Dave G, Carl A


  • Congratulations to JSF and JPA/Dali, who are on their way towards graduating out of incubation!
The meeting agenda bugzilla queries have been updated to include those components.
  • Congratulations to Bob Fraser on being nominated a committer for the website!
  • Congratulations to Konstantin on being elected as a 2007 Committer Representative to the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors!
  • EclipseCon is next week
No meeting, next week, March 8.
Make plans to attend the WTP BOF Monday night. If there's interest, we'll head to our favorite Santa Clara brewery afterwards, or of course, check out the following web services BOF.  :-)
Check out and tell everyone about the WTP Sessions Track.
Add a slide in your presentation to list other WTP sessions or just add a link to the WTP track.
I will post a slide from Naci promoting the WTP book to the mailing list.
  • John to open action items in a few weeks against components with the most work to do in bugzilla management.

WTP 1.5.4

  • Proposed Schedule - Tim D
03/22 - I-build released
04/05 - I-build released
04/19 - RC1 released. PMC will only approve stop-ship bugs during the last two weeks
05/04 - 1.5.4 declared
  • Scope
WTP 1.5.4 is a service release for critical defects, regressions, and adopter issues only. There should be no translation or UI changes, nor should it affect any API reported through the adopter scanning tools.
  • Bug Approval
All bugs must be approved by the normal PMC Approval Process.
  • If there are no objections by next Thursday, consider the proposed plan approved.
  • Bug lists
Invalid Targeted Defects <1.5.4 (12)
1.5.x Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~2)
1.5.x Untriaged Bugs (~34)
1.5.x Resolved, Unverified (~176)
1.5.x Verified, Not closed (~0)
1.5.4 Bugs for WTP PMC review and approval (~0)
1.5.4 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
1.5.4 Hot Bugs (~0)
1.5.4 Blockers, Criticals (~1)
1.5.4 Remaining Targeted Bugs (~13)
1.5.4 Total Bugs Fixed (~0)

WTP 2.0

  • Remaining Europa Timeline
March 2007 - June 2007
Platform +1 WTP
M6 - API Freeze Mar 23 Mar 30 Apr 06
M7 - RC0 May 04 May 11 May 18
Europa Jun 29 Jun 29 Jun 29


  • Do we need a respin due to comments in 172361
Changes to build reporting - There were errors in a JEE5 plugin which were not caught, the build has been corrected, no respin is necessary as the few teams that require these plugins can pick up this week's M6 I build.
John will add a build note explaining this to the M5 build page.
  • New and Noteworthy port to pheonix - Bob F - Port complete. John to add a link from the build page to the new and noteworthy.
  • Problem with Europa Update Site - The WTP prerequisites aren't specified and you have to manually select EMF, GEF, and DTP from the update site. Is this by design? David W - Yes, there is a bug with the Europa update site where it should be figuring out the prereqs automatically. This should be fixed for M6.
  • Please make sure you have up to date test scenarios published to your component pages which include M5 function.
  • Bug lists
2.0 Invalid Targeted Defects <M6 (~23) Please retarget these appropriately.


  • M6 Schedule - Function and API complete for 2.0
Februray 2007 - April 2007
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Platform M6
Start component lead change approval
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Write tests and produce FVT driver
FVT and Compatibility Tests
Defect Verifications
Mustfix defects
Defect Verifications
Mustfix defects
Defect Verifications
Status Call
Thumbs Up Test
Declare WTP 2.0 M6

  • Build Status? David W?
JPA defect - 176048
  • Component Line Item Review
Information about process for milestone bugzilla line item planning has been added to the WTP Bugs, Workflow, and Conventions document.
Bugzilla Enhancements Targeted for 2.0 M6 (28)
All Remaining 2.0 Targeted Enhancements (46)
JPA is technically a separate subproject so they will have different milestone numbers.
JSF should asjust their target milestones to match WTP proper's.
John to investigate adding a more complicated query to capture the JPA information properly.
  • Prerequisite Rhythm?
Our upstream components, mainly the platform, have asked that we more regularly pick up their I builds to provide them more proactive sanity level testing and feedback. Currently, we only update prereqs haphazardly when anyone wants to. Should we get more in a rhythm?
David W - We do a pretty good job stepping up.
John - We can do better. John to put together minimal predictable schedule for picking up prereqs, noting any component can request the prereqs be updated at any additional time.
  • Bug Lists
2.0 Resolved, Unverified (~482)
2.0 Verified, Not closed (~76)
2.0 Remaining Targeted M6 Defects (~55)
2.0 Hot Bug Requests (~1)
2.0 Hot Bugs (~0)
2.0 Targeted Blockers, Criticals (~0)
2.0 Untargeted Blockers, Criticals (~4)
2.0 Targeted Bugs (Graph)
2.0 Total Bugs Fixed (~177)

Bug Backlogs

All Untriaged WTP Bugs (Graph)
All Untriaged WTP Bugs (~233)
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (125)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (661)
All WTP Defect Backlog (Graph)
All WTP Defect Backlog (2854) This is a very high number. We will investigate a plan to suggest to component leads to manage these bugs.
All Resolved, Remind or Later (Graph)
All Resolved, Remind or Later (~86)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (Graph)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (~202) If a patch is invalid, mark it obsolete, and we will filter those out.
All API Requests (9)

Working Groups

  • Java EE 5
Chuck - No meeting this week. Scenario for M6 to be discussed next meeting.
  • Axis2
Kathy - Investigating classloading issues in attempts to remove the axis2 jars from the WTP scope.
  • Website
Bob F - Working with JPA to convert their dali homepage and getting sandbox site ready for test. JSF will start investigating after EclipseCon.

Other business?

  • Build Metric Legend - Can we add an explanation for the new number in parenthesis, which looks to be the number of plugins built?
It is the number of compile logs.

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Server Component Team

  • Minor platform M5 exploitation in form editors this week
  • M6 planning complete, starting to work on enhancements
  • See you at EclipseCon!

Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)

XML/JSP Component Team

  • EclipseCon 2007
  • WTP 2.0
    • Ongoing triaging for inclusion in plan
    • Preliminary M6 efforts

Web Services Component Team

Java EE Component Team

Dali JPA

  • M6 Plannig - ER's targeted to M6
  • Preparing for ElcipseCon



  • Investigating improving usage scans and test coverage reports
  • Running Performance and API tests


  • This Week's Smoke Test Results
WTP 2.0 Smoke Results Page
Attendees should consider spreading the word about their participation.
WTP BOF - We have an official BOF scheduled for Monday March 5th, 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM, room 209. More details still being worked out, but if interested, please go ahead and add a +1 planning on attending comment to the eclipsezilla so we can have an accurate number of attendees.
EclipseWorld2007, 11/6/2007-11/8/2007 in Reston, VA. The deadline for abstracts is 4/17/2007.
  • Reminder:
Please come to the meeting with your smoke test results posted to the wiki and ready to vote on declaration of the weekly builds.
PMC Candidate Review Request Checklist - See the updated PMC Review document with attention to the "How To Prepare a PMC Defect Candidate" section
WTP 2.0 Ramp down plan - Please note the early API freeze and shutdown dates.
Adopter Migration Information for WTP 2.0 - Please add any details for your component.
  • Usage Reports and Scans
Adopter Usage Reports
Extension Point Usage Reports
  • Website
Documentation on Setting up your system for Web Tools Web site development and Using Web Tools Phoenix PHP templates is on the wiki at Web_Tools_Web_Site_Development

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