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WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-02-22


John L, David W, Nitin D, Chuck B, Raghu S, Jess G, Kosta K, Hoy, Bob F, Dave G, Kathy C, Der Ping C, Rob F, Larry D, Amy W, Neil H, Tim D, Carl A


The name for our next release will be WTP 3.0. For your convenience, targets have been added to bugzilla.

WTP 1.5.3

  • Build Status - Declared. All in one zips are now added. Thanks Naci.
  • Bug lists
1.5.x Resolved, Unverified (~168)
1.5.x Verified, Not closed (~4)
1.5.3 Total Bugs Fixed (~124)

WTP 1.5.4

Update from PMC - Tim D has made a proposal on behalf of IBM for a WTP 1.5.4. The PMC accepts the release and is reviewing the proposed plan. More information should be available next week, however to set expectations, all proposed defect fixes will be PMC reviewed.

  • Bug lists
Target Milestone has been added to bugzilla.
1.5.x Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~3)
1.5.x Untriaged Bugs (~25)

WTP 2.0

  • Remaining Europa Timeline
March 2007 - June 2007
Platform +1 WTP
M6 - API Freeze Mar 23 Mar 30 Apr 06
M7 - RC0 May 04 May 11 May 18
Europa Jun 29 Jun 29 Jun 29


  • Build Status:
Platform respin M5a - We will not hold up our M5 release for platform, if we need to respin a M5a we will.
JEM is now building as a part of JST and plugin versions are bumped up to 2.0.
Java EE - One blocking defect they are investigating for respin. Smoke test to be done later today.
JPA - New JUnits are running and build looks good
JSF - Build looks good, one issue with tabbed property pages to follow up with the platform
  • Test Results - Please update the wiki smoke test results page if you haven't already by end of day Thursday
  • Compatibility Tests for WTP 1.5 <--> WTP 2.0
JSF - Please publish your compatibility tests by adding a link or statement here.
Bob F to help Nitin port the new and noteworthy to the pheonix look and feel. In the long run, hope to get an automated build script to do this from the base xml or xhtml
JPA to add new content.
JSF has a release note item, David to help them add as a build note.
  • Bug lists
2.0 Resolved, Unverified (~256)
2.0 Verified, Not closed (~18)
2.0 M5 Blockers, Criticals (~1)
2.0 Remaining Targeted M5 Defects (~10) Please retarget these appropriately.


  • M6 Plan - Function and API complete for 2.0
Februray 2007 - April 2007
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Platform M6
Start component lead change approval
Status Call
Smoke Test
Declare I Build
Write tests and produce FVT driver
FVT and Compatibility Tests
Defect Verifications
Mustfix defects
Defect Verifications
Mustfix defects
Defect Verifications
Status Call
Thumbs Up Test
Declare WTP 2.0 M6

  • Component Plans
Action Item for Component Leads to target their proposed bugzilla line items for M6 by end of day, Wednesday Feb 28.
How should we capture this proposed plan information, knowing it will be dynamic as the milestone progresses?
At the beginning of a release, all proposed bugzilla's should initially be targetted to the release, i.e. "2.0"
During the planning week for each milestone, bugzilla enhancements for that milestone are targetted accordingly to the current milestone, i.e. "2.0 M6". This is to avoid long term planning and over promising unrealistic commitments.
At the first status call for a milestone, we will review the proposed line items from each component.
At any point in the milestone we can gauge an accurate picture of the happenings and plans for the remainder of that milestone.
  • Hot Bugs
As we enter M6, "hot bug season" is upon us, so please urge adopter companies to not be complacent about their bugs, but to proactively ensure they are targetted appropriately and to raise as hot bugs when necessary.
  • Bug Lists
2.0 Remaining Targeted M6 Defects (~42)
2.0 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
2.0 Hot Bugs (~0)
2.0 Targeted Blockers, Criticals (~3)
2.0 Untargeted Blockers, Criticals (~2)
2.0 Targeted Bugs (Graph)
2.0 Total Bugs Fixed (~168)

Bug Backlogs

All Untriaged WTP Bugs (~66)
All Untriaged WTP Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Defect Backlog (Graph)
All Resolved, Remind or Later (~37)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (~197)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (Graph)
All API Requests (Graph)

Working Groups

  • Java EE 5
Basic support for JEE 5 underway (facets, delegates)
Waiting on plan from Chuck for publishing the extension API
  • Axis2
Kathy - IP legal approval is still ongoing so line items have been deferred to M6. However there is axis 2 runtime support and are just ironing out issues for the EclipseCon demo's. Check out the Axis2 Integration in WTP wiki for details.
  • Website
Bob F - We are live on the Phoenix look and feel! Please file bugs or enhancements on component 'web site' if you encounter problems or if you need anything before EclipseCon especially.
Working on communit resources now as well as the new and noteworthy's for M4 and M5.
We can close original bug to migrate website to php.
Helping JPA set up a php expert to migrate their webpages, will help other teams if they want. Raghu will enlist help for JSF.

Other business?

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Server Component Team

Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)

XML/JSP Component Team

  • EclipseCon 2007
    • Preparing example and finalizing presentation for our EclipseCon tutorial
  • WTP 2.0
    • Ongoing triaging for inclusion in plan
    • Expand detail of our posted plans
    • Taking an early look at the Eclipse Platform post-M5
  • EclipseWorld 2007
    • Considering presentation topics

Web Services Component Team

  • WTP 1.5.3 - Done.
  • WTP 1.5.4 - About half a dozen bugs with status whiteboard set to "WTP 1.5.4".
  • WTP 2.0 - Ongoing triaging of RFEs for inclusion in the plan.
    • Apache Axis2 - The Axis2 integration effort is in progress. See RFE 165664. Weekly meetings continue. Use cases and requirements drafted. Secondary RFEs are open and targetted to M6.
      • Lahiru Sandakith (WSO2) has developed and attached the first round of new plugins for Axis2 supporting bottom-up and top-down scenario. Legal and technical review commencing (See RFE 168762).
      • The second wave of contribution for client scenario, letting user install Axis2 runtime and adding Axis2 facet is attached to RFE 168765.
  • Eclipse 3.3 - Peter Moogk is contributing Eclipse WTP's Internet Preference Page to the Eclipse platform under RFE 154100 (Platform level proxy settings).

Java EE Component Team

We fixed various regressions for WTP 2.0 M5: ejb facet install delegate for version 3.0 tries to access ear descriptor generating emf EList$BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException - get EMF exceptions when J2EEDeployableFactory tries access ear edit for projects of version 5.0 - right clicking on a ejb project (facet version 3.0) causes an incorrect ejb-jar.xml to be created
Working on JEE 5 Scenarios - to be released soon

Dali JPA

  • Finally got our core tests passing in the M5build!!!
  • Testing/Bug fixing
  • Next week
    • Preparing for EclipseCon tutorial
    • Graduation Review


  • Worked on getting a stable M5 build including chasing the platform regression in the tabbed property sheet, bug 174441
  • Continuing work on refactoring JSF component Palette to use new Metadata framework
  • Preparing for EclipseCon tutorials and long talk


  • Investigating improving usage scans and test coverage reports
  • Investigating running Performance and API tests


  • This Week's Smoke Test Results
WTP 2.0 Smoke Results Page
Attendees should consider spreading the word about their participation.
WTP BOF - We have an official BOF scheduled for Monday March 5th, 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM, room 209. More details still being worked out, but if interested, please go ahead and add a +1 planning on attending comment to the eclipsezilla so we can have an accurate number of attendees.
EclipseWorld2007, 11/6/2007-11/8/2007 in Reston, VA. The deadline for abstracts is 4/17/2007.
  • Reminder:
Please come to the meeting with your smoke test results posted to the wiki and ready to vote on declaration of the weekly builds.
PMC Candidate Review Request Checklist - See the updated PMC Review document with attention to the "How To Prepare a PMC Defect Candidate" section
WTP 2.0 Ramp down plan - Please note the early API freeze and shutdown dates.
Adopter Migration Information for WTP 2.0 - Please add any details for your component.
  • Usage Reports and Scans
Adopter Usage Reports
Extension Point Usage Reports
  • Website
Documentation on Setting up your system for Web Tools Web site development and Using Web Tools Phoenix PHP templates is on the wiki at Web_Tools_Web_Site_Development

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