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Platform UI Git repos for 4.2/3.8

Important: After you install EGit, please refer to Platform-releng/Git Workflows for a description of our common git workflows.

For a record of the Platform UI migration, please see Platform UI/Git Migration

Development in Juno

Development and maintenance branches to use

Branch Why
R4_development All Juno related work, both 4.2 and 3.8 that doesn't include the org.eclipse.ui.workbench. For now this also includes 4.1.1 work.
R3_development Work that needs the 3.8 org.eclipse.ui.workbench
R3_7_maintenance Our standard maintenance branch for 3.7.1/Indigo SR1
master Don't commit to this branch at this time

Using git right now - explanation

Right now our build dependencies are:

  1. 3.8 I build
  2. 4.2 I build picks up most content from 3.8
  3. e4 0.12 builds on top of 4.2 I build

Because 3.8 is build first and 3.8 is run as the nightlies, PDE build supports one replacement fetchTag per repo type, and for our nightlies it is GIT=master.

Until we get this resolved, I propose we do our Juno work (4.2 and any 3.8 work that doesn't touch the org.eclipse.ui.workbench) in R4_development. We should do any 3.8 org.eclipse.ui.workbench work in R3_development, and anything that's not workbench related from R4_development I'll merge or cherry-pick across for the 3.8 builds.

I'll be managing master by tracking one or the other of the branches. Please don't commit to master until we figure out #Our goal in Juno M2

Our goal in Juno M2

The main focus our Platform UI's Juno development is 4.2. To that end, we expect to do most of our work on master. It will contain all of the Platform UI plugins as they were in 3.7 except for our forked compatibility layer, org.eclipse.ui.workbench. It will contain all of our Eclipse 4 UI plugins (Modeled Workbench, CSS Support, Eclipse4 Applications) as they were in 4.1. And it will contain the forked compatibility layer.

All work in Juno on any plugins that haven't been deliberately forked (and so far that short list only includes org.eclipse.ui.workbench) should happen in master. So working on JFace in 3.8/4.2 really means working on master.

Any work that needs to be done in the 3.8 org.eclipse.ui.workbench should be done in the R3_development branch. This will be created off of the R3_7 tag.

Platform UI plugins in 3.8

We could simply pick up all plugin changes from master except org.eclipse.ui.workbench. But that would leave your R3_development branch in an odd state (as you would have to depend on your target platform for 3.8 source). The other proposal is to regularly merge work in master into R3_development so that the other plugins are up to date. We haven't made a final decision here.