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Triquetrum/Releng/Milestone Builds

Create a Triquetrum Milestone Build

To create a Triquetrum Milestone Build, follow these steps:

  1. See Eclipse Development Process > Releases and Version Numbering for how to select a version number.
  2. Update the version number using mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=0.3.0. Note that we don't use the M here
    1. See How to automate version number update process for my Eclipse plugin built with Maven
    2. See tycho-versions:set-version
  3. Update the version numbers by hand:
    1. Edit releng/org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/pom.xml and update the version by removing qualifier from the id.
    2. Edit releng/org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/Triquetrum.product and remove qualifier from the product uid.
      1. Change
        <product name="Triquetrum" uid="org.eclipse.triquetrum.workflow.editor.rcp.incubation-0.2.1" id="org.eclipse.platform.ide" application="org.eclipse.ui.ide.workbench" version="0.3.0" useFeatures="true" includeLaunchers="true"> to
        <product name="Triquetrum" uid="org.eclipse.triquetrum.workflow.editor.rcp.incubation-0.3.0M1" id="org.eclipse.platform.ide" application="org.eclipse.ui.ide.workbench" version="0.3.0" useFeatures="true" includeLaunchers="true">
    3. Update the version numbers in releng/org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/site.xml. Here, the qualifier text can remain.
    4. Run mvn clean verify and edit the pom.xml and Triquetrum.product until the files that are created have the correct names.
  4. The releng/org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/publish.xml file contains a copyZips target that is invoked by the triquetrum.milestone build.
    1. Update the milestone directory: configure the Jenkins triquetrum.milestone build, under Invoke Ant click on Advanced Properties and update targetDir=/home/data/httpd/, make the same edit in the second Invoke Ant area, then save the change Hudson triquetrum.milestone screenshot showing the Build -> Ant Task section
  5. Invoke the Milestone build by going to Jenkins triquetrum.milestone build noting the Build Trigger Token and replacing TOKEN_NAME in the fullowing URL:
  6. To see what files are created, see
  7. When you are satisfied with the output, in the Jenkins triquetrum.milestone build:
    1. Update the targetDir to the next milestone release so that we don't accidentally overwrite the current release
  8. Edit Triquetrum Downloads.
  9. Eventually: update the version number of the master branch to the next version using mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=0.3.1

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