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Milestone and Release Builds

Part of the Incubation Phase is to create regular milestone and release builds on the mirrored and fault-tolerant download server.

The easiest way to do this is to create a publish.xml file in your repository target and then invoke ant. See for Hudson jobs and see org.eclipse.elk.repository/publish.xml for a sample ant script.

More specifically:

  1. Create a branch in your source tree
  2. Copy to your local *.repository/publish.xml. For example: cd org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository;wget
  3. Edit your copy of publish.xml and update
    1. <project name="Eclipse Layout Kernel" basedir="."> to match your project name.
    2. <property name="targetZipFileName" value="" /> to match your project name.
  4. While in the top level directory, test the command: ant -file *.repository/publish.xml -DtargetDir=/tmp/test zipIt copy Adjust *.repository to match your layout. For example: ant -file org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/publish.xml -DtargetDir=/tmp/test zipIt copy
  5. Update the Hudson job and add as the last step an ant command:
    1. Targets: zipIt copy
    2. Build File: org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/publisher.xml
    3. Properties: targetDir=/shared/technology/triquetrum/updates/nightly/
      1. See Hudson -> Server Storage for the proper pathname
  6. Add the publish.xml file to the repo, commit the change, create a pull request and accept the pull requests.
  7. Go to the Hudson job, click Build Now and check the results.

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