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  • Present:
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Ernest Mah
    • Kathy Chan
    • Oliver Cole
    • Raheel Ashraf (covering Eugene Chen)
    • Joanna Kubasta
    • Joel Cayne
  • Absent:
    • Chris Elford
    • Harm Sluiman



Release Information

  • 4.5.2 will ship with the Ganymede Service Release 2 or SR2 (target release date: February 25, 2009).

I3 TP1

  • The test pass reports are running daily.
    • Note, PMC members from IBM (internal build site) can now generate a test pass report between the reporting cycles (9 AM and 3 PM ET). For more information, see Joel.
  • Reminder to Project Leads to ensure the documentation technical review test cases are executed during I3 TP1.
  • Status:
    • Currently we are >55% complete and <2% failure.
    • Test Project:
      • Will complete functional test suite by the end of the week.
      • The documentation technical review test cases will be completed Mon/Tue of next week.
    • Platform/Trace Project:
      • Will complete on target.
      • Joanna will check in test results previously submitted by Intel China before they broke for Chinese New Year.


  • TPTP 4.5.2 appears to be running more smoothly than previous releases.
    • Decreased delays of builds.
    • No enhancements and less defects since less resources.
    • Test Project:
      • Will only 1 virtual committer and 1 tester, still managed to fix 54 defects and resolve 70.
      • Efficient given a 20 week release with Christmas vacation.


Release Information

  • 4.5.3 will ship as part of the Galileo Release Train (target release date: June 26, 2009).

M5 Smoke Test

  • We will be smoke testing TPTP 4.5.3 from 02/03 - 02/05 in preparation for dropping to Galileo M5 +2 on 02/06.


  • There are two blocking issues for TPTP coming in Galileo M5:
  • Since we do not have a TPTP 4.5.2 branch and TPTP 4.5.3 builds, we can:
    • Split streams before TPTP 4.5.2 ends.
      • Release Engineering cost (e.g. split, builds, etc.).
      • Dual maintenance required.
    • Integrate fixes into TPTP 4.5.2.
      • Increased probability of regression.
      • Invalidates our I3 TP1 since changes are far reaching.
      • Release Engineering cost (e.g. plug-in/feature version numbers).
  • Decision: Split streams before TPTP 4.5.2 ends becuase:
    • Manage the risk of regression in TPTP 4.5.2.
    • TPTP 4.5.3 builds are required in two weeks.
    • Dual maintenance is minimal since we have shut-down TPTP 4.5.2.
  • Joel and Josh will handle the Release Engineering work (e.g. split, builds, etc.) and send an email to the TPTP PMC mailing list with the details.
  • To manage the dual maintenance, the remainder of TPTP 4.5.2 will be in PMC-level approval mode.
    • Paul update the TPTP 4.5.2 schdule with this change.
    • Project Leads and Joel/Josh (email to TPTP PMC mailing list) to communicate this change.

Joanna is moving on

  • As of 01/31, Joana is moving on to another role in IBM.
  • Ernest (technical and personnel) and Kathy (technical and project management) will replace Joanna:
    • Both require CVS committership.
      • Joanna will nominate them as comitter in TPTP 4.5.2 and then Componetn/Project Leads in TPTP 4.5.3.
    • Joanna will transition Ernest and Kathy through TPTP 4.5.2 and first part of 4.5.3 (target: 03/01).
    • Oliver will host a call with Ernest and Kathy to meet-and-greet.
    • Paul will send TPTP references/links to Ernest ( and Kathy (
  • Joanna has closed on the Eclipse 3.5/TPTP 4.5.3 resource plan with IBM before moving on.

EclipseCon 2009

  • Kathy will be attending and speaking on WTP.
  • Oliver will arrange a PMC meeting with the TPTP PMC members in attendance.
  • Oliver will arrange a technical meeting for all of the TPTP committers in attendance.

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