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Attending: Chris, Paul, Oliver, Raheel (for Eugene), Harm

  • Paul covering for Joanna out

Any objections to last weeks summary?

  • no

The test pass

We have entered the test pass. Joel is starting to prepare for test report generation.

  • Team is publishing new candidate driver that patched a few lingering defects
    • Some members had wanted to do early testing and were doing stuff on earlier candidate
    • Intel folks sent test results already. They were doing early testing because of Chinese new year break starting soon.
    • Paul asked that we forward these results file to Joel because Joanna is really booked today. Chris found the results and forwarded them.

Oliver asks if we are tracking our overall productivity to see that we are getting as much done as we want

  • Do we have specific metrics of for example how much are we accomplishing per milestone (i.e., tracking of bug thruputs)
  • Paul notes that test project productivity did go down linearly with contribution levels. Given resource reductions they got as much done as expected.
  • Typically project leads track their project and raise any flags that need to be raised
    • Paul (speaking for test project) notes that he has folks log hours their hours
    • Oliver was curious if Paul monitors the hours.
    • Paul notes he hasn't had to do much of this recently because it is just his own time and Jerome.
  • Harm did a quick query on the web and noted that the overall outstanding bug count for TPTP is seeing a noticible decline so it is clear that we are making forward progress
    • First level approximation shows count down from 1000+ to 800+.


There were no updates (positive or negative) about EclipseCon attendance

Website discussion

  • We had discussed making website a bit easier to navigate...
    • We should discuss more when Joanna is around
  • Oliver notes that Eclipse webpage has a new skin.
    • Some projects are using this opportunity as they conform to the new look to update content.

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