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STP Service Creation getting started

This wiki page is used to explain how to install and use the STP Service Creation for Eclipse Europa release.

(Last updated on Apr 28, 2007)

Where to get stp

Install from Eclipse Europa

Since stp is part of Eclipse Europa release, it can be installed from Europa Discovery Site as following:

Help->Software Updates->Find and Install...
->Search for new features to install->Europa Discovery Site->SOA Development

Download from stp website

The latest stp build can be downloaded from here

Setup STP

Plugins required from other Eclipse projects


3rd-party plugins

Pre-requisites SOA runtime

Update eclipse.ini

Before start Eclipse, please update the eclipse.ini file under your Eclipse installation directory by adding the following line:


For reason why need to add the bootdelegation flag, please reference here

(note on updating eclipse.ini on MacOS)

setup Tomcat shared lib

In order to deploy JAX-WS service to Tomcat container, please copy all jars under ${apache_cxf_install}/libs and ${apache_cxf_install}/modules into ${tomcat_install}/shared/lib

Run it

Set Eclipse JVM to JDK1.5, CXF does not support JDK1.6

Demo movie

Flash movie shows how to create and deploy a JAX-WS web service

Introduction on developerworks website

Tyler Anderson wrote a good article about Use the Eclipse SOA Tools Platform plug-in to build and deploy a Web service

Since that was wrote for stp0.4.0 before, some changes apply as following:

* For Eclipse plugins dependency, Apache CXF plugin and Apache CXF runtime, please use the link provided in this wiki page. 
* Page 22 'SOA->Generate Deploy Package' menu has been changed to: select the wsdl file, then from popup menu, select 'Build Package...'
* wsdl url for tomcat is http://localhost:8080/ScientificCalculator/services/ScientificCalculator?wsdl

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