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The OPEES/Polarsys took place in Bilbao from March 13th to March 14th 2012. It was hosted by Tecnalia and organized by SQS. Thanks to both SQS and Tecnalia for this organization.

Meeting address was:
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia.
Edificio 202
E-48170 Zamudio (Vizcaya)

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 13th

9:00 - 13:00 Private OPEES ITEA2 session
See the OPEES forge for the documentation presented during this part. Documents are under folder Meetings/2012_03_13_Bilbao

14:30 - 18:00 Polarsys infrastructure and experimentation meeting (with a distant call with the Eclipse infrastructure team)

Wednesday March 14th

9:00 - 13:00 Polarsys meeting

  • Polarsys
  • Polarsys governance
    • Clarification of memberships and charter:
      • Research labs are eligible for 5 000$ solution member fees due to specific classification in the Eclipse bylaws.
      • On the Polarsys side, it has been decided to follow the Eclipse position and ask for the same class of fees. So Research labs are in the <10M$ category (10 000$ for participating members and 25 000$ for strategic members).
      • P. Arberet and J Delange raise the issue of membership for CNES and ESA like entities. Basically, they do not want to pay a fee because they think their providers should do it themselves. Participating may mean a multiplicated fee: one direct and others re-invoiced by the providers. The proposal from Polarsys is to consider CNES and ESA as Research Institute, so that to apply the fee of <10M$ category.
    • Discussion about appointement of Chairman and SpokePerson
      • Chairman and spokesperson: the chairman needs to be a strategic eclipse member up to now. It means that only somebody from Obeo or Itemis should be the chairman. The spokesperson can be anybody.
    • Review of the Charter

14:30 - 16:00 Polarsys meeting

  • Presentation of the IP Process for Eclipse Committers by Janet Campbell of the Eclipse Foundation
  • Roundtable with ne potential members (small presentations from Fraunhofer, Itemis, Intecs)
    • Presentation of Modelbus by Tom Ritter (Fraunhofer FOKUS). FOKUS wants to contribute Modelbus to Polarsys and subscribe as a guest member to begin with. A Modelbus based spin-off support company may subscribe later to Polarsys.
    • Presentation of Itemis role in the automotive IWG
      • Facing issues with big models (x100000 elements and x10000 files).
      • Coordination body
    • Presentation from Lei Pi, INTECS
      • Developing currently a connector between doors and TOPCASED / MDT Papyrus
  • Discussion about Labelling

Next Meeting in Toulouse

See Information on the meeting page.

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