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LTS/April18 2012


Meeting @ EclipseCon

Time and Location

Tuesday April 18, 9:00 to 10:00 Eastern via. conference bridge


 a) Inaugural chair(s) identified
 b) Initiating strategic member(s) identified
 c) Announce charter, 30 day clock for review/discussion
 d) First official meeting


The following people attended:

  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Paul Lipton - CA Technologies
  • Karsten Schmidt, Jutta Bindewald, Thomas Rastetter - SAP
  • Pat Huff - IBM

Planned to attend, absent:

  • Jochen Krause - EclipseSource/Innopract


  • Mike Milinkovich - Eclipse Foundation
  • Gael Blondelle - Obeo


NOTE: This is a wiki, if something is missing, incorrect, or not clear, please adjust as needed (or let Andrew know).

Feedback on Charter

  • Problem statement section: Karsten: Should we add details about company specific forge here?
  • Goals & Vision section: Patt: Can we change this later, say in the event roles change or new ones are added? Karsten: Yes, the steering committee maintains the charter and can update it.
  • Core Services section: Karsten/Patt: Should change to clarify access is defined by member participation levels. ACTION: Andrew to update [DONE]
  • Connections with other IWGs section: Andrew: Needs update to reflect recent discussions. ACTION: Andrew to update [DONE] Pat: How does it work for Polarsys? Andrew: Polarsys has their own forge for Polarsys-specfic projects and that is only available to Polarsys members. For LTS of everything else, an organization needs to become a member of LTS. Briefly described the IWG agreement w/ appendix of IWG's and fees.
  • Karsten: The fee exception for Strategic members should be done IWG by IWG in the charter rather than blanket for all IWGs at the IWG agreement level. e.g. likely not the intent to have Strategic members join Polarsys SC just because they can. Paul also commented on the fee exception for Strategic members. ACTION: Andrew to update [DONE]
  • Paul/Karsten: It doesn't make sense to have the Solution membership feels in the table of fees. It would improve clarity with them removed. ACTION: Agreed, Andrew to remove them. [DONE]
  • Paul: There should be a link to the IWG participation agreement. ACTION: Agreed, Andrew to add a link once it exists.
  • Paul: The 2nd paragraph of the members section could be made more clear by doing it in reverse and making it clear each level includes the previous level's benefits. ACTION: Andrew will make this section more clear. [DONE]
  • Pat: One change control board for all releases, or one per release? Karsten: One per release makes sense. Andrew: Agreed, as that would allow opting out of releases a given organization isn't interested in. The same people will likely sit on multiple CC boards.

LTS Chair

Patt Huff & Jochen Krause have offered to be the initial LTS co-chairs. ACTION: Andrew to book follow-up meeting with them to discuss/set chair duties to enable formal agreement/approval to chair. [DONE]

Seeking organizational approval

Pat/Paul/Karsten all commented on the need to get informal agreement amongst the team (us) for Charter and IWG participation documents prior to seeking formal approval at each organization to avoid needing to restart the process.

Strategic Members

As discussed:

  • Strategic members paying $250K will get LTS Steering committee for no added charge.
  • Strategic members paying $100K or more will get LTS Premium committee for no added charge.

LTS Readiness

Project LTS-readiness will lag the formal launch of the LTS IWG. Many projects are not considering migration to git, and other crucial LTS readiness requirements until after Juno SR0. Should a company need to, they could certainly work/contract/influence to help make projects LTS-ready sooner.

Next steps

  1. Post these minutes [Andrew, DONE]
  2. Make charter updates [Andrew, DONE]
  3. Create IWG agreement & review [Mike, Janet, Andrew, DONE]
  4. Announce LTS IWG/charter/etc. start 30 day clock [Mike, DONE]
  5. Approve creation of LTS IWG [Mike, DONE]
  6. Book first official LTS IWG meeting [DONE]

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